Why Your Girlfriends Will Be The Ones That’ll Keep You Uplifted!

Courtesy of Sistas/BET


Let’s be real, Ladies.

When shit goes down, who are the first ones we call? Our home skillets, our squad, our click, our brujas, our Amigas, our closest circle of friends and sisters from other mothers.

Our girlfriends are those that’ll give it (the truth) to you straight, with no chaser, even it’ll hurt because it’s what we need to hear. Having good girlfriends or even just one is like having a tribe of like-minded women that shares one common interest…true sisterhood.

When we hurt, they hurt.

When we’re happy, they’re happy.

But what matters most is they know everything about you and will still accept and honor you for who you are. No jealousy, no competition, or any other low-vibrating habits. Let’s not forget to mention the girlfriends who we don’t get to hang/chat with for days, weeks, months at a time and when we finally connect, it’s like we’ve never been apart. Those girlfriends are the real MVPs!

Maintaining a relationship with your girlfriends is like maintaining a healthy loving marriage. We’re there for each other through the good times and the bad. They make the best companions for road trips and vacations. They’re our cheerleaders when we cannot be our own. Our bond remains strong, despite time and distance, we party together like rockstars, and they’re the best remedy for a broken heart.

Good girlfriends uplift us when we are at our lowest because they see the winner inside of us. They inspire and motivate us because when one wins, we all win! Our girlfriends lend us their shoulder to cry on then tell us to wipe those tears and reminds us of who the PHUCK we are!

Good girlfriends help keeps us high-vibrational. We keep each other balanced and centered. We embrace and honor each other’s differences and will knock TF out of anybody who doesn’t with disrespect.

If you have a tribe of good girlfriends or even just one. Honor them and consider yourself very blessed. Navigating through your days in this world without a good girlfriend is you doing yourself a disservice.

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