Why I’m NOT 100% Holistic RIGHT NOW and WHY That’s OKAY!


I’m not advocating to be lazy during your holistic journey. Some progress is better than no progress.

As for me…I’m gonna honor my progress because every little effort helps to complete the goal. I just choose not to obsess over becoming 100% holistic RIGHT NOW, because I know I’ll eventually get there. In the meantime, I am enjoying the ride!

Yo…I love my ice cream and yes, it’s the kind with regular milk. The funny thing is, I only drink almond/coconut milk. So, yes! homemade ice cream with said milk is in option. 🙂

I use coconut oil, olive oil, and natural shea butter for the skin, but sometimes I like to slather the Bath & Body Works with the “non-natural” ingredients because it smells so damn good!

I recently had a crab-stuffed pretzel for breakfast that was HITTIN” and pizza calls my name once in a blue moon.

Sometimes, I use toxic-free sanitary pads. Sometimes, I don’t. I hear the menstrual cup is the way to go!

Will I feel guilty over any of the aforementioned? NO! Not like I used to!

As long as I stay consistent in my journey, knowing that I’m STILL on the right path, that’s all that matters! I’m gradually getting better, as I continue to educate myself on things.

I encourage YOU to be your own cheerleader if you beat yourself up when you “slip”. Nothing wrong with falling, as long as you get back up!


It takes weeks, months, or maybe years to educate yourself on the right foods, skin/hair care products, feminine care, spiritual tools, and other holistic/spiritual methods to stick with. We’re not gonna know and be knowledgeable in everything right away, so don’t think it’s wrong if you don’t.

This journey takes time. Be easy on yourself.

To be 100% holistic IS the goal but reaching it is a lifestyle (perhaps a LIFE-LONG lifestyle) that we shouldn’t pressure ourselves to become in just a few short weeks. Let’s be realistic with our goals and enjoy the journey.


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