Why Having The Freedom To Say F*CK NO is a Form of Healing!

When it comes to the inability to say no, it usually stems from people-pleasing and preventing conflict with others. We can no longer afford to people please when we’re feeling unappreciated, unsupported, and taken advantage of.

The act of saying NO is not always a reflection of selfishness. It’s a form of healing that’s needed when we’re exhausted from caring what others may think or say. When we reach that level of not giving a fuck, we’ve reached a personal milestone that reflects personal empowerment. Saying NO when we need to strengthen our ability to remove ourselves from the self-inflicted dilemma of satisfying others while sacrificing our needs.

Saying NO is an act of self-love. You’ll realize you cannot do it all and if those you say NO to doesn’t get it, they get left OVER THERE! Those who care about you will understand.


Healing comes when we no longer feel obligated to make certain people’s needs met. Like I’ve said here, this is not to say you shouldn’t please those you care out of sheer love and devotion. However, there should definitely be some reciprocity. Don’t drain yourself, trying to please others and they don’t return that same amount of devotion. AND please don’t give a fuck if they become upset at your newfound need to no longer jump over hurdles for them. That kind of behavior only proves them wanting their selfish needs met.

Keep saying NO!


The more you say NO, even WITHOUT an explanation, the more emotional healing you’ll receive and the more empowered you’ll become.


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