I’m minding my business while doing research on another blog topic when I come across Janelle Monae’s visual for her third single, “Pynk”, off her forthcoming studio release, ‘Dirty Computer‘. After watching the visual, I want to place my vagina in a protective glass shield, adorned with pink and red roses and glitter with bright pink neon lights hovering over my vagina, spelling out “Vagina Power”.


Why is the color pink always associated with femininity? Because it’s healing properties includes softening, nurturing, tenderness, romance, peace, and emotional healing. Anyone who’s drawn to the color pink yearns for a touch of feminine manifestation that will provide the balance that’s needed. That’s what makes women special. We are the color pink from deep within.


The beautifully done visual captures the essence of the feminine being and her pride for herself, her body, and the awareness of the power she possesses. The visual sends out a much-needed message to a sexist society and who could do it better than Janelle Monae giving us the BIZNESS in vagina-inspired pants?! The imagery is colorful, sassy, sexy, and reminds me that we, as women, do not have to accept what’s socially accepted in a male-dominated culture or conform to the standards of a society that sets limitations on people with vaginas. that goes for body image to equality and everything else in-between.


I might have read too much into this inspiring visual that got me all in my feels and being proud to have a vagina. I might have not and many of you are on the same page with what I’m seeing. Either way, Janelle has snatched my entire soul and I AND my vagina are here for it all!


Self-worth is everything

Self-love is the best form love