Crystal healing is a person who uses the power of crystals and its healing properties to remove negative energy caused by emotional, physical, psychological, and karmic distress.

Although I apply Crystal healing to my daily life and I’ve recently became certified as a crystal healer, I have yet to decide what I will do with the newfound knowledge I’ve obtained, aside sharing it all on the blog. What I DO know is that it feels good to apply myself with a community of lightworkers; people who don’t only heal themselves but want to heal others, as well.

Let me make this clear…This is NOT about not believing in God. In fact, I believe Crystal healers are vessels for HIS work.

Despite the beauty of the sun, moon, and stars, they are not in the sky to please us aesthetically. They have a divine purpose to help us align. Crystal healers are special people who connect with the sun, moon, and stars to do that. I am proud to be one.



Crystal healing uses a holistic and metaphysical approach to wellness and crystal healers are special people that can help themselves and others bring subtle changes into their lives. We can relieve emotional stress, bring clarity to thoughts, and raise consciousness with spiritual awakening.


With all of that said, let me share with you the perfect crystals to use for self-healing!

The first thing you’d want to do when it comes to crystal healing is always asking the Universe for guidance and use your intuition. There are many methods of crystal healing, but it’s important to do one method at a time. If you are a beginner, I would suggest something as simple as carrying a crystal in your pocket while going about your day, or wearing crystal jewelry that you might already do.
There are many crystals to choose from, but the common crystals I’d recommend for first-timers is the Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz.



Amethyst crystals are great all-purpose crystals that aid in better sleep, meditation spiritual awakening, and centering. It also brings you a calming effect and alleviates deep feelings of sadness and grief. Amethyst also improves concentration.


Rose Quartz

Known as “The Love Crystal”, the Rose Quartz enhances love, peace, and harmony in all relationships. It also improves self-love and brings peace to matters of the heart.


Clear Quartz


Known as “The Master Healing Crystal, the Clear Quartz works wonderfully for all healing purposes. like Amethyst, it also helps with meditation. It also increases happiness, cleans your aura, and amplifies the healing properties of other crystals.