In this piece here, I share the basics of what crystal healing entails. However, there are many folks who are unaware of healing crystals or new to the metaphysical world who wants to know exactly what they are.

Let me break it down for ya!


It takes a conscious effort and an open mind to receive the healing properties of crystals, so if you’re not receptive to them you won’t benefit from them. Like EVERYTHING around us, crystals emit energies and those energies are healing elements that we need more of or help us get rid of blockages.

If there’s a specific negative behavior or trait you want to remove, there are crystals that promote with transmuting negative energy into positive energy. There are crystals that promote inner peace, strengthens intuition, brings prosperity, protection, and aids in self-transformation in all aspects of your well being.

Why are those who are spiritually in tune connected to crystals in this manner?

Our bodies are made up of water, bones, and blood. The human bone is made mostly of collagen. Much like the crystals that come from deep in the waters of the Earth, bones are living, growing tissues. Collagen is a protein that provides a soft framework, and calcium phosphate is a mineral that adds strength and hardens the framework.

How do crystals grow? Via Centre of Excellence

The Earth has a vast array of minerals and metal deposits within the core. Under certain circumstances, mineral solutions can grow and produce beautiful crystals with healing and therapeutic properties. When water deep inside the Earth warms, it expands and allows minute solids to be dissolved in the water. If the temperature changes and the warm solution cools or evaporates, the spaces between the molecules become smaller. At this point, the water freezes up, or releases, the excess solute and then crystals begin to form. Crystals can grow very slowly over numerous years or a few months, depending on the development’s length of time.

You see the connection? Minerals…Like crystals, we are made of minerals. We ARE crystals. Like crystals, we GROW over numerous years until we physically transition. It’s easy for us to resonate with certain crystals, especially if it has the healing power we seek.


If you’re just starting your spiritual journey, utilizing crystals is a great metaphysical method to spiritual/emotional/physical healing. It’s all mental. You have to be open-minded and receptive as a whole for them to work for you. The great thing about crystals that there are so many to choose from, and many of them look similar to one another, so be careful when choosing the perfect crystal for you.

As for me, I can vouch that crystal healing does least for me. I carry them daily for different reasons. I carry certain crystals with me to work because at the 9 to 5, the healing power is needed to keep the stress away. I keep certain crystals near me during my tarot reading to keep my intuition on point. I carry certain crystals with me to my favorite outside sacred space for assistance in grounding and centering. It’s all about what you seek and being opened to recieve it.