The Beginner’s Guide To Starting Your Wellness Journey!

First…let’s just break down what “wellness” really is.

Wellness can be defined many ways, depending on what the individual encompasses in their lives.

But, I think we can all agree that wellness is a broad and comprehensive approach to a healthier mind, body and spirit. It’s self-influenced and a direct act of self-love for those who strive for overall fulfillment and joy.

Wellness is what and who you intentionally surround yourself with that’ll add to your joy, peace, solitude, and health. Wellness is multidimensional and sought after not only for spiritual and physical purposes, but for emotional, occupational, social, and intellectual, as well.

This is why when someone says they don’t know where to start on their holistic/spiritual journey, I’d say…START ANYWHERE!

It really depends on what’s most important for you to change. To help, HB has formulated a guide for those who are indecisive or simply have no clue where and how to start.


Let’s first decide which dimension is your priority!

The Six Dimensions of Wellness are occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social.

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Whether you want to become more book smart, more efficient, physically fit, more confident, lose weight, gain weight, feel sexy, or no longer socially awkward, the goal is to start somewhere, because your path to wellness will travel to other interconnected areas of you that need attention.

The key is to not think too much on what to do and just start. The “how”, you will naturally figure out


Wellness involves two major components: Holistic and spiritual!


Let’s talk being holistic!

As mentioned here, when it comes to being holistic or “holistically being”, we’ve chosen to incorporate natural/alternative methods and that applies to what we put in our bodies, as well as what we put ON our bodies. From food to skin care, we are selective with what we consume because a lot of products contain harmful chemicals or ingredients that are detrimental not only to our physical healthy, but also our mental health.


Let’s Get Spiritual!

Contrary to popular belief, being “spiritual” has less to do with religion and more to do with the individual and their form of healing within. There’s really no one definition of being spiritual and no one path one must take to become spiritual. The journey of one’s spiritual ascension can vary depending on the individual and how they choose to live.

There are 3 characteristics of a spiritual person.

  1. Awareness of self- Accountability of one’s actions, how one choose to feel, learning to make sound/better decisions that creates solutions, rather than problems with self or with others.
  2. Finds solitude often- In spite of what the world brings for us today, there are some of us that doesn’t allow the outside noise of the world, disrupt our inner peace.
  3. An advocate for energetic-healing methods that also creates calmness in the mind-That could include music, a comedy, meditation, a walk on the beach, reiki, a day at the park, yoga, etc.

Our well-being is hugely impacted by how we choose to live. From the choices we make in what we eat to the choices we make in romantic partners, the goal is to become “well”. Wellness is a goal we’d love to make in our personal lives and our professional lives. A healthier mind, body, and spirit contributes to the overall balance we’d like to have and maintain.


What we eat affects how we feel. How we feel affects what we think. What we think translates into what we do. It all interconnected.

If you wanna change your diet, but also want to feel confident and sexy, gradually change your diet by simply adding more fruits and veggies. Add in a light workout a couple of times a week, which will also give you a boost in confidence, which in turn will heighten your creative abilities and want to learn more. Pick up a book or two or research online to enhance an interest, which will empower you and help you become more social. Your outgoing personality will bring you spontaneity and joy when meeting new people, going on new adventures, which in turn will create happiness around you and peace within you.

You get it?

The point is…just start…anywhere. The first step is the biggest step, because that’s the moment you decide to change your life for the better. Wellness is your birthright. Don’t think to much on how.

Just start.

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