Vaginal Health 101: 9 Facts About The Vagina EVERY Woman Should Know!

We often shy away when it comes to the topic of vaginas and vaginal health, but as women, it’s a much-needed conversation we should have. As much as we think we know how to care for our YONI, ALL of us aren’t fully in tune with how to care for HER. Here are some facts on how to properly care for our yoni and keep it healthy.


  1. Kegel Excercise– Kegels are basically working out your vaginal muscles. The amazing thing about doing Kegels is that we can do them anywhere at any time when seated or standing, and no one will notice. Kegels are not only great for soul-shaking orgasms, but it also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, increasing bladder control.
  2. Practice good hygiene– When Aunt Flo visits, remember to change your pad regularly. Always start from the front and wipe going back when using the bathroom. Proper wiping of our vaginas prevents bacterial infections.
  3. Leave the douches alone!– Contrary to popular belief, douching is actually not good for the pum-pum. It flushes away the “good bacteria” that fight infections and interferes with its ph balance.
  4. Put down the cheesesteak!– They say we are what we eat. If we consume unhealthy foods regularly such as junk foods, we’ll begin to smell like them or even taste like them. That makes for an unhealthy vagina, for sure, including an unpleasant smell and taste. Our yonis will be happier when we opt for more fruits, veggies, and plenty of water for daily consumption.
  5. All discharge is not a bad sign–  All women experience discharge. The vagina produces secretions to clean itself. It may appear as whitish or yellowish in color. However, if your discharge appears yellow or green in color, chunky or has a foul odor, that may indicate an infection. Get checked out by your gynecologist to prevent further complications.
  6. Shave VS Trim– How you rock your pum-pum is up to you, of course. Just be mindful of the possible cuts and bruises shaving bald could cause. That makes your outer labia prone to infections, particularly boils. Take your time when shaving, or better yet, wax.
  7. A vagina should smell like a vagina! Not Bath & Body Works Spray!–  Since we’ve entered womanhood, we’ve been conditioned to believe that vaginas should smell like tropical fruit, when in fact, our natural scent is what we should embrace…as long as we’re not smelling like a fish market. This brings me back to eating more fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water. If we eat the way we’re supposed to, we won’t need perfumes and/or body sprays which causes irritation.
  8. Leave the thongs at Victoria’s Secret– Yes, thongs may be sexy and provide relief for those who hate panty lines, but did you know they can make your vagina more prone to bacterial infection? Thongs can cause infections and irritation because the vulva is much more exposed. The thin band of material at the crotch moves around quite often, which can transfer bacteria from one place to another and cause irritation. Get you some 100% cotton panties. They’re much more comfortable and allows your pum-pum to breathe. Oh, and don’t worry about looking like “Grandma” from the waist down. They have really pretty ones out there!
  9. Feminine deodorants and harsh soaps are a NO– Mild soap is best and products that are supposed to “deodorize” your vagina are harsh on the sensitive skin that surrounds the vulva.


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