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Healers need healing and I am no exception.

My recent bout with anxiety and depression has forced me to do things a little differently. The first thing I’ve learned to do was change my mindset and keeping that change with not only living in the present moment but acting “as if” my goals are already set.

This required me to stop feeling sorry for myself and getting out of that victim mindset. Feeling lonely, feeling like I lacked support, feeling like I have no friends, and feeling like I lacked in abundance and prosperity is what created my extreme depression and anxiety. So, I had to RElearn to stop those feelings, because I knew I was sending signals to the Universe that forced me to continue receiving a lack of everything I felt.

Method 1: As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, I started living in the present moment. Staying present in the now requires us to stop focusing on the past, which could make us worry about what could be repeated. I also stopped focusing on the future which could create anxiety about what could or could not happen. Focusing on the now helps us to accept where we are currently in our lives. In doing so, I’ve embraced the experiences I’m having now because they’re all guiding me while I manifest.

Method 2: Manifesting is a method under the Law of Attraction. Acting as if I already have the things I need and the experiences I want helps my goals to manifest when the Universe sees fit. I can vouch when I say that I am already seeing results practicing this manifestation method. First of all…I feel sooooo good right now. Not too long ago, I thought I would never get out of the feeling I’ve had when I was at my lowest vibration. Your vibration, which is your energetic frequency, has to be at its highest for you to manifest your desires.


I think the one major key to experiencing joy, even during difficult times, is to know that the opportunities you need will always be there for you. It may feel or seem like opportunities for you are unreachable, but once you understand that your shadow self has taken over, you’ll become more self-aware and you’ll then discover your true potential and power to manifest those opportunities that you deserve.


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