I’d never thought the words “toxic” and “positivity” would end up in one title and make sense.


As an advocate for high-vibrational energy, alignment, and manifestation, I, as well as other advocates and highly spiritual people, often talk about the importance of staying high-vibrational. We sometimes forget that staying high-vibrational isn’t as helpful to the spirit as we think it should. Mostly because we’re forcing ourselves to be.

I can vouch that Toxic Positivity is a real thing.

For some time, I used to believe that when we’re feeling low, suppressing or ignoring those feelings attached and “forcing” positivity without rectifying why we still feed low was the remedy to feel better.

For some time, I used to think avoiding the problem all together and try to move on was the key to raising our vibration.

I was wrong.

Once I’ve learned to become more aware of self and become more attentive to my feelings, I began to understand the importance of allowing myself to go through these feelings without guilt or shame. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to be sad, angry, lonely, jealous, heartbroken, etc. because it teaches us what we should add or subtract for value and peace in our lives. Therefore, before we “leave” those feelings behind, we must learn from them. Ask ourselves the Whos, Whats, Whens, Whys and Hows. We must also remember to be easy on ourselves during these low-vibrational moments.

The act of seeing the good in everything and in everyone without confronting the deep-rooted issue behind our low-vibrational emotions is detrimental to our well-being. overtime, those suppressed emotions we’ll have will  completely explode, hence, the anxiety attacks/panic episodes some of us may suffer from. Some will go to the extreme with irate behavior or turn violent as a form of release.

One thing we have to remember is that to be positive ALL THE TIME is just completely unrealistic. We don’t expect anyone else to be positive all day, everyday, so why should we expect that of ourselves?

We do ourselves a disservice by not acknowledging our low-vibrational feelings, when in fact, acknowledging them is one of the most healthiest thing we can do for our mental. The healing part comes with acknowledging the reason we feel these feelings and dealing with them accordingly without harm to emotional or physical harm to self or others.

We’re not robots….we’re human. Let’s be good to ourselves  by allowing yourself to feel “not so good”. It’s okay to spend some time with these feelings. What matters is that we move past them, knowing we’ll be okay.