Toni Braxton Becomes Vegan To Combat Lupus Symptoms

Grammy Award-Winning songstress, Toni Braxton, has always been open about her battle with Lupus. In her recent interview with Prevention Magazine, the 52-year-old singer and mother of two shares that she’s adopted a Vegan diet to combat symptoms of the disease. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that attacks healthy cell tissues, including the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, blood cells and joints.

“I’m becoming plant-based. I’m in the process,” she explains. The singer weaned herself off of meat and became a pescatarian. “But I’m going fully plant-based. It’s making me feel better, so there is some truth it,” she says, adding that her blood work has improved and she has more energy. “But I do miss a good burger!”


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In addition to her diet, Toni also uses CBD oil to alleviate pain.

“I get achey sometimes, and Uncle Buds Maximum Strength CBD really helps me find relief. I can just go to GNC and pick it up,” she says, adding that she loves its smell of coconut and agave. “I never knew about CBD. I was never an herbal user, but I’ve since educated myself about the healing properties of CBD. And it’s absolutely wonderful.”

Toni was diagnosed with Lupis in 2008. Read the full interview here.


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