As empaths, it’s difficult on a regular day to be amongst a crowd, because too many personalities to absorb can be draining for us. Holidays with loved ones is no exception!

Let’s not forget those Empaths who are dealing with a disconnection with family for whatever reason, loved ones who have transitioned, and those with different spiritual beliefs. For these reasons, it’s very easy for us to fall out of the holiday spirit and wants to spend it alone.


However, the holidays can also be a magical time to reconnect with loved ones and fall in love with the holidays, in spite of our empathy. Here are 4 tips on how to survive the holidays without feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted.


  1. Recharge– Take time to get adjusted before the holiday festivities take place. This could definitely benefit those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. Taking time for yourself will help you get through any holiday AND the New Year with a sense of acceptance and peace. Taking time for yourself will also help you recalibrate the energy you need to be around others.
  2. Lose expectations– Detach thoughts from your mind that make you presume something’s gonna go wrong. Thoughts like, “I know he/she gonna say something crazy to me!” will take you out of your comfort zone. To make it easier for you, greet everyone with love, then find a comfortable spot at the gathering that will allow you to chill under the radar without looking anti-social. You know who you are and the light you carry within. Allow people to be who they are, even if they THINK they know more about you…than you. With that mindset, it’ll be harder for others to get under your skin.
  3. Remove guilt– Empaths will sometimes push themselves beyond capacity mentally, emotionally, energetically, and even financially during the holiday season. Despite trying not to, we care what others may think, especially family or those close to us. As empaths, we owe it to ourselves not to deplete ourselves by sacrificing our energy for others. If there’s something we can’t do, we won’t do it. There’s no need to feel guilty for things we cannot do or participate in.
  4. Receive– For some empaths, we avoid holidays mainly because we are unable to give. With gift exchange, it’s difficult to be given a gift and cannot reciprocate for financial reasons. Common feelings of empaths include unworthiness or being a burden. not being able to exchange gifts will have an empath feel both 10xs more! Learn how to receive blessings/gifts without feeling less than worthy of them. Once we are able to do so, we keep the energetic flow of giving when we can. We’ll give when we can and we have to be okay with that. Receive…Give…Repeat. That’s the Law of Circulation.

Wishing you an abundance of Joy this holiday season. You deserve it!