The “Meaty” Menstrual and Other Fascinating Revelations Regarding a Woman’s Cycle

“The Meaty Menstrual”


To start, I feel very compelled to share this story with you all. I find it necessary to begin our journey with some personal information if I must. To my belief, what else could bring a community of women together than talking about our periods, of course! What a fun subject right? No. In most cases it is not fun at all. Since the day I started my monthly cycle at the age of 16, it has been just awful for me. The cycles have always been equipped with heavy bleeding, clotting, and cramps that could kill. Now that I am almost 30, a little over six months ago I participated in what I will call somewhat of a mind, body, spirit “detox.” I rejected all meats and lived a very spiritually guided lifestyle. I began to learn to embrace my womanly challenges and learn the true story behind it. A different story then what I was told in my ladder years. We all have heard it before, the ever so popular story of Adam and Eve. The story tells us that all women are cursed with cramps and bleeding vaginas because Eve was disobedient by eating the apple from the Tree of Life. I mean that may be true, because yes, we can be a little hard headed at times, but come on! I needed a little more than that.

During my journey I began to piece together a deeper meaning of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Those pieces came together revealing that we are not cursed, we are blessed to be apart of such a universal design. As a woman did you know that our periods are in tuned with the phases of the moon? Since more people are becoming more aware of course they are trying to deny the known fact, but if we just pay a little more attention to our bodies, we can feel it. I have read in many articles that states that the moon affects our cycles for two reasons. One reason having to do with light, the other being gravity. Since the human body is made of mostly water, just as the Moon pulls our oceans to her tides, it’s the same with our blood. Just look at it this way, the New Moon is new intentions and fresh starts. This is a time where most women ovulate. The Waxing Moon is where the moon is slowly getting brighter and your egg is growing. The Full Moon is a great time to act on accomplishing goals. Your egg is being released. Lastly, during the Waning Moon it begins to shed its light again, informing us to release and go with the flow. The body will either release an unfertilized egg or begin prepping for pregnancy.

It is important for women to pay close attention to the universe and our bodies because they are so closely connected. Also, I believe that it is better for us to understand our synchronicity, then to continue living our lives being angry that some woman from years ago is the reason why we have to “deal” with blood and pain for the rest of our lives. Speaking of pain, shall we get started with a few pointers on how we can try and alleviate some of it. As I mentioned my “detox” earlier, it has taught me a lot about my body. Not only did I learn about my lovely connection to the moon phases, but I also learned about my womb. First, I learned that my womb is not my vagina. They are two separate and important pieces to the female body. The womb in fact is a very sacred and spiritual tool that for generations has been used to heal nations. A more physical explanation would be it is where offspring are conceived and grows before birth. The womb is in the lower part of your stomach between the bladder and the rectum. So, let’s pause and think on that a little. If it is located in the lower part of our stomach, even before we begin bleeding, we are already eating!

The food that we eat takes time to digest, especially beef and pork. The digestion of beef and pork alone takes well over an hour. Now, let us think about how many times we eat a day. Say if you eat a bacon egg and cheese for breakfast, a burger for lunch, and meatloaf for dinner. All that is just waiting in line to be digested, along with the other things that you’ve eaten. The visual of that example should be equivalent to stuffing a rock into the stem of a flower. According to Queen Afua’s Sacred Women, she states how we put our wombs through so much. She explains that if we have pounds of food waiting to be digested, and our wombs are at the very bottom of that, we are hurting her. Which explains why so many of us are in pain. I am a living witness, during my time of detoxing I’ve never felt better! There was no pain. I literally felt the strongest mentally and physically when I was on my cycle. I was kind, gentle, and soft spoken. I felt like I was gliding. Then I started eating meat again and now the pain is back.

This article is not to try to convert anyone to a vegan lifestyle, but just to inform you that we must be mindful of what we eat. We do not have to be perfect, but a little each day can go a long way. Just imagine, if we kept track of our cycles, exercised daily, and ate slightly better we could all feel better.   You are more than they say you are, you are not a walking curse every month. Your body is a part of The Creators grand design and that is something to be proud of. The female body, especially our wombs, is very fragile, and we are responsible for taking care of it. That may sound easier said than done but it is possible. So, after reading this, ladies I challenge all of us to work toward a healthier womb and take some of the pressure off her. We all must start working toward a lighter womb, for better health, and better living.

Cee Cee.

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