As crystal healers, we take pride in our crystal collection. It’s important for us to maintain the power of their healing properties, so we do what we call cleansing. Because healing crystals easily absorb different ranges of energies, there are a few reasons why we should cleanse them more than once a month. We should cleanse them when…

  • we first get them
  • after other people have touched them
  • after not using them for a while
  • after a healing session on ourselves and other people

Cleansing, or what some of us call clearing our crystals are much like plugging our phone’s charger. If we don’t charge our phones, they won’t work. The same goes for healing crystals. The energy of the crystal is recalibrated and at its strongest, once it’s cleansed.

For many of us, the common method for cleansing our crystals is smudging them, but there are more methods of cleansing your crystals to choose from.


Sunlight cleansing– Sunlight is a powerful method of cleansing our crystals because of the life energy/prana. Be careful, as some crystals tend to fade if left in sunlight for too long. I’d recommend only five minutes. The crystals that work best with sunlight cleansing are yellow, orange, and red.

Moon cleansing– When the moon is full and 100% illuminated, its energy is at its highest peak. Therefore, it’s best to cleanse your crystals on the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon. The best way to do this is to place your crystals outside in direct sight of the moon.

Visualization cleansing– Simply place the crystal between your cupped hands and give it a boost of energy with Visualizing healing light filling it until all negativity has banished. Breathe deeply while you do this.When you intuitively feel that the stone has been cleared, you may stop the visualization.

Sound cleansing– Sound cleansing crystals are done with the vibration of soundwaves produced by a singing bowl, drums, or bells.

Water cleansing– Pouring fresh water on your crystals while you hold them is a popular method, but be careful, because water can cause an adverse effect and alter the appearance of some crystals…especially with salt water.

Earth cleansing– The deepest method of cleansing, you bury your crystals in dry soil. You can also use a flowerpot. For eath cleansing, the preferred length of time is to leave them buried from one new moon to the next, but a week is fine if you choose not to be without them for that long.

Brown rice cleansing-Submerge your crystals in a glass bowl full of brown rice and leave overnight. In the morning, take out the crystals and discard the rice. You don’t want to eat the rice since it absorbed the negative vibrations taken from the crystals.

Smoke cleansing– This is a common method for cleansing our crystals. We use smoke that rises from a roll of sage (smudging) or burning incense. Hold the crystal in direct contact with the smoke, and rotate them for three minutes or until you intuitively feel that the stone has been cleared of unwanted energies.

Intentional Breath cleansing– Hold your crystal in the palm of your hands and blow forcefully on it. Imagine blowing a white light of positive energy over your crystals.

Candlelight cleansing– Rotate your crystal for three minutes over a candle flame to cleanse it. You can even pass your crystal quickly through the flame.