If you’re looking to create a new spiritual path, the resources/tools listed in this post I’d HIGHLY recommend. When I started my journey of spiritual ascension, I used most of the resources listed and still use them now. The rest are accredited to be great resources/places for that crystal-loving, sage-loving, high-spirited soul!

I often get asked the questions, “Where do I buy crystals?”, “What books do you recommend?”, “How can I start yoga?”, etc.

This post was created with those questions in mind!

(This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase an item, I will get a % at no extra cost to you. )


If you want to study crystals and their healing properties, I’d suggest “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall. This book breaks down each healing crystal from A to Z. Hall not only provided the details of the healing property in this amazing book, she details the rarity, the appearance/color, and source, and the best position to place the crystal for healing. Click the cover below to get your book today!


Don’t know where to purchase your crystals? I always say go to your local spiritual/new age shop that you can google if you don’t know where one is. Going to a physical shop assures you resonating with crystals better in person. However, if you’re all about convenience, you can shop online. Here are a couple of links I’d recommend:

Healing Crystals 

They also have a Facebook here

If you’re in the DMV area, here are some awesome shops to choose from! A couple of these shops not only sell crystals, but candles, oils, sage, apparel, and MORE!


Everyone’s Place

Crystals, Candles, and Cauldrons

The Crystal Fox

Looking for some sage? Better yet! Looking for some FLORAL-WRAPPED SAGE? I got some beautifully wrapped sage from Antonia Perdue, Owner of Black Lotus Handmade Healing! Click the image below and get some sage, body products, home decor, apparel, and MORE!


Turn up the SPIRITUAL GANGSTA in you with a “Sage, Crystals, & Trap Music” Tee by Quartz and Rainbows! Click image below to get yours!

For my melanated sisters who are looking to solidify their sacredness, I’d HIGHLY suggest reading “Sacred Woman” by Queen Afua. This powerful read is packed with info on healing the mind, body, and spirit. Click the cover below to order yours!


When I started doing yoga, I started practicing at home using Youtube videos. However, finding a local yoga class is definitely preferred. A teacher can help guide you on a more personal level that’ll lead you to the results you’re looking for with more support and without injury. Check the Yoga Works Directory for classes in your area. They have studios in Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, California, New York, and Washington, DC.

If convenience is what you need, Do You Yoga is a website that I frequent often to stay up on my yoga practice.

For my melanated sisters, if you’re looking for a website that supports holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color, Black Girl in Om is the site for YOU! I absolutely love the site and their online community! Click the logo below to check it out!


If learning about the chakra system is on the top of your list, the book, “Wheels of Light” by Anodea Judith, is reportedly the go-to book to get. In this book is info on learning how to explore and balance your own chakras using poetic meditations and simple yoga movements―along with gaining spiritual wisdom and more.
Click the cover for yours!


Part of our spiritual journey is sticking with a healthier diet. As I navigate through this journey without bread, red meat, fried foods, and carbs which I used to LOVE, I turn to the website, ThePlantBasedDiet.Com for inspiration and recipes. I’ll either follow the recipes step-by-step or add my own twist to them.