Going through your healing journey without facing your shadow self ( The parts of you you try to avoid or ignore), is like eating a sundae without the fixings. You’re just eating plain ice-cream but calling it a sundae. Much like you’re healing journey, you say you’re healing, but skip all the intricate areas you should focus on, which you truly need for successful healing. Those intricate areas are the sundae fixings you avoid.


Quiet Your Mind: Taking the time to quiet your mind gives you the ability to declutter all of the thoughts that’s overwhelming you.

Acknowledge the Deep-Rotted Issue: Quieting your mind also gives you the ability to acknowledge and face the deep-rooted issue of why you need healing. Some of us may not recognize what that deep-rooted issue right away and that’s okay. Acknowledging that there’s an emotional/mental blockage is an effective start of your healing journey. That issue that’s deeply-rooted will be recognized eventually.

Honor Yourself: When you see yourself in a more positive light, you start to make wiser choices that reflect the value you see within yourself.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel: Allowing yourself to go through your emotions helps you to release the heaviness you’ve been carrying. Cry out your feelings, yell, write out your thoughts, etc. or do a combination of all of them! Do whatever will help you release those emotions. You’ll feel so much lighter when you’re done.

Surround yourself With High-Vibrational People: Keeping yourself around those who will uplift you definitely helps with your healing journey. We are the company we keep. Remember.., your tribe is your vibe.

Take Care of Yourself Physically: What we do to our bodies is an important part of our healing journey. Start incorporating more of a plant-based diet, drink more water, work out, and eliminate unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, etc. It’ll do your body, mind, and spirit really good.