Essential Oils are increasingly becoming a household necessity for improving physical, mental and emotional heath. From aromatherapy to natural remedies, there are many uses of Essential Oils including treatment for skin conditions, muscle soreness, and improving digestion. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, or tree roots. Once extracted,Read More →

I was introduced to Sandalwood when I was a young girl, using my mom’s Skin-so-Soft Sandalwood-scented lotion by Avon. I immediately fell in love with the scent and the love continued to grow as I entered adulthood. Sandalwood became the primary scent that inspired my choices of a few perfumes and aromatherapy, includingRead More →

Before I studied holistic living and practicing metaphysical methods for spiritual/emotional/mental healing, I struggled with ways to manifest my ideas into accomplished goals, which turned me into a ball of mess. I was struggling with constant worry and anxiety, gaining stress weight, totally unfocused and lost motivation to accomplish thingsRead More →

I am such an enthusiast of great-smelling aroma! Not only because they smell good, but the aroma has this magical way of altering moods, particularly good moods. Aromatherapy uses scents to soothe your mind and body, which may help relieve nausea, pain, and stress. The great thing about aromatherapy isRead More →