I call the challenges we face in life and adversity as “plot twists”.

These plot twists can sometimes place us on lower vibrations with feeling overwhelmed, worried, stressed, doubtful, and uncertain. Truthfully, plot twists can make us forget about the good things we have going on because of our focus on all of the BS. I know first hand on how difficult it is to focus on the good when we’re battling hardship, heartbreak, trauma, misfortune, affliction, and distress. Despite the significance, it’s still important and necessary to celebrate YOU, despite the adversity! Here’s why.


  1. You’re alive– Being above ground is definitely a need to celebrate YOU despite the odds against you. As long as there’s breath in your lungs and a beating heart, you have the chance to fix what’s broken and turn things around.
  2. You have positive happenings and doings in your life– Find and focus on the goodness of your life. This may be hard to do, but trust when I tell you with every negative experience, there are two positive experiences that are there for you to be proud of.
  3. You’re capable of achieving greatness– Believe that you have a gift. Find it, polish it, then share it with the world. You’ll never know how far your gift will take you if you don’t believe and take the chance.
  4. You are your best cheerleader– When you believe and trust in your dopeness, others will trust and believe in your dopeness, as well. We are our own best cheerleader. People will gravitate to those who exude confidence in who they are and what they’re trying to create in this world.
  5. You’re a magician– You have the power within you to manifest any desire you have. You just don’t know it, yet.
  6. You’ve made it THIS far– Remember those times when you thought you wouldn’t make it? Look at you now, making it! 🙂 Just one of the proofs showing how magical you are.


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