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Holistically Being wants to share your story!

We are currently looking for those who are not shy about sharing their journey of spiritual ascension and personal growth; stories that’ll uplift our readers with inspiration and reflect that of one who uses holistic/spiritual methods for overall healing. If that’s you, we’d love you to submit your story today.

We prefer personal essays about your experience with using spiritual methods for healing from toxic relationships, self-limiting beliefs, lack of self-love/respect/worth, unhealthy habits, etc. We’d also love your essay to challenge the social norm with takeaways that’ll provoke thinking and dialogue.

You don’t have to be a professional writer. However, we’d appreciate your consideration of the importance of proper grammar and punctuation. With your essay, don’t just tell us what happened -tell us how your experience(s) affected you and how it’ll motivate us.

We are NOT looking for essays that bash men/women, support anti LGBT, racism of any kind, and discrimination. We are also NOT excepting excerpts/chapters from personal biographies.

We’d prefer all essays to be typed on Word Document, using Times New Roman font, size 12, with no more than a 900-word count.

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Allow us 2-4 business days to reply.