Sexual Freedom is a Part of Healing AND Owning Who You Are, Sis!

Although my blog is for everyone, I felt compelled to share something worth discussing with the ladies. With that said, let’s talk about sexual freedom and our ability…or inability to embrace it.

Believe it or not, how we feel about our sexuality or lack thereof, says a lot about how much healing that needs to take place.

Let me take this opportunity to be transparent.

I look back at my failed relationships with men and came to the conclusion of why I was the common denominator.  I realized why each one didn’t manifest into the relationship of my dreams and that’s because I dated with the intentions to find a husband. Because of the pressure I applied to myself, it forced me to make more of an effort into those “situationships”, only to become disappointed with the lack of reciprocity.

Fast forward sometime later, I decided to take a break from dating to focus on me, my mind, my body, and my spirit. Taking some me time is the thing for me to do after a break-up, but THIS time, while on a healing break for the 25,927th time, is different.

After coming to an understanding that relationships cannot be forced fit to complete my emotional puzzle, I’ve discovered my need to fulfill my mind, body, and spirit in a way that only I see fit without limitations and conforming to society’s standards on how women should treat their sexuality.

A part of healing is coming to a level of acceptance about where we are in our lives and making where we are work for us.

I am using this time as a single woman to honor and embrace my sexual freedom, while being okay with dating myself, getting to know me again, and getting to a place of sexual liberation. Now…this doesn’t mean I will go out into the streets with my tongue wagging and penis on the brain 24/7. There’s a difference between free-spirited with our sexuality and being reckless with our body.

What this all means for me is to allow myself to fulfill sexual needs without feeling pressured to commit. THAT, ladies, is a form of self-awareness that we can embrace because we are owning who we are…women celebrating their sexual freedom unapologetically.

Do I still want to get married one day? Of course! However, I am learning to enjoy the moment of high-vibrational connections, as opposed to seeing every man who takes me out as husband goals. We go back to the word, “acceptance”, and living in the present moment.

I share all of this to say, ladies, that if you are single and in a place in your life where you’ll feel like you’ll never get married…do yourselves a favor and stop thinking about marriage and start thinking about why the Universe has put you in this position. You are worthy of marriage but until then, use your singlehood to learn and embrace YOU.

Our singleness should be the time we utilize our sensuality, our body, our spirit, working on ourselves internally by doing soul-healing work and discover parts of ourselves that we’ve never acknowledged. That’s all a part of healing, embracing our sexual freedom, and owning who we are in our lives. By the time you’ll meet that special person, you’ll be overflowing with the self-love and appreciation that your partner will make an effort to match.


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