Our habit of “people pleasing” will prevent others from reciprocating equitably, creating imbalances that a lot of relationships suffer from. Many of us tthat suffer with people pleasing may be oblivious to that, because the focus on pleasing our romanic partners (or people in general) blinds us from this reality.

When we strenthen our ability to say no and set boundaries, our need to people please becomes non-existent. People pleasing is a co-dependent trait and the cost of this trait is high, considering one person is more fufilled in the union than the other. This typically happens when one ignores their own needs while fufilling their partner’s.

Is your people pleasing habit ruining your relationship? Is it making you less desired to stay in it? Are you feeling overwhelmed, trying to keep yourparnter happy?

On this episode, I share…

  • What my people pleasing consisted of
  • How I stopped my people pleasing traits
  • Signs that you’re a people pleaser
  • How to stop being a people pleaser in your relationship and in general

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