This blog is filled with info on the holistic ways of living. However, for those who are visiting my blog for the first time, I have a feeling you are here to figure out exactly what it means to live a holistic lifestyle. Well, let me tell you!
Living a holistic lifestyle means incorporating methods in a way that is natural to us. We are basically using alternative/natural methods of practical living that includes anything ranging from what we eat to stress relief. I can tell you from experience that living holistically has been a life- changer, and I think I speak for everyone who has chosen this lifestyle that it’s the best form of self-love.
While on this journey, we come to discover that our mind, body, and spirit is all interconnected. In other words, what we eat can affect how we feel physically and psychologically. The mind is dominated by depression, but we can also feel depression with body aches.


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The concept of living a holistic lifestyle is to balance everything so that we can experience all around mental, emotional, and physical health. Our well-being is hugely impacted by how we choose to live. As a result, it can be extremely difficult for a person to stick to living a holistic lifestyle due to the demands of life. We practice a holistic lifestyle to prevent physical/emotional problems from developing…problems that usually develop when we’re navigating through life with daily stressful activities such as work, parenting, etc.

This is why stress management/relief is a huge part of living a holistic lifestyle. Yoga is a great form of exercise because it not only centers you mentally and spiritually, it provides the ultimate health benefits, including flexibility. Incorporating metaphysical practices such as crystal healing and balancing chakras adds to the benefits of stress relief.
What we put in our bodies is just as important when living holistically. If we eat heavily and unhealthy, we will feel heavy and not ourselves. If we eat light and healthy, we will feel as such. Our bodies correspond to what we put in it, so it’s important that we incorporate a healthier diet for the proper nutrients.
After learning what not to put IN our bodies, it’s only natural for us to practice what not to put ON our bodies. Some of us actually limit ourselves from certain body products that contain harmful chemicals.
In conclusion, living a holistic lifestyle is for those of us who are seeking a lifestyle that aligns with our true passion to experience a healthier mind, body, and spirit. Are YOU ready?


As I continue to navigate through this life journey while practicing a holistic lifestyle, I’ve come to the understanding that being “holistic” isn’t just about being mindful of what we put in our bodies. It’s also about what we subject our bodies, mind, and spirit to.

What we subject ourselves to when it comes to our environment, entertainment, media sources, social media, news, etc. has just as much of an emotional and mental impact as the foods we eat and the chemicals we put on our skin. Being WHOLElistic involves everything that affects our mind, body, and spirit. That is why everything about us in interconnected; What we eat affects how we feel. How we feel, affects what we think. What we think affects how we view ourselves and the journey we’re on. How we view ourselves shows others how to view us.

Energetic imbalances breeds physical imbalances and vice versa. That’s why we need energy work such as Reiki. An unhealthy mental/emotional body can wreak havoc on our physical body. That’s why we practice yoga for mental and physical balance.

Social media and television could overwhelm us with images that triggers certain emotions and even depression/anxiety. That’s why a social media cleanse and turning off the tube for a day or two does us some good.

When we consume heavy foods, we’ll feel heavy emotionally and physically. That’s why we have to teach ourselves to incorporate more of a plant-based/ healthier diet.

When we start to accept and love the skin/body we’re in, we create space for self-love and honoring ourselves in a way that we should. Lack of confidence and assurance can indicate us not loving or believing in ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we ever manifest the desires of our hearts? Also…as a wellness and manifest advocate, I’ve come to realize that being transparent and baring it all about yourself, as much as you’re comfortable with, is a form of healing, which in turns leaves space for greatness to be manifested.

Being “WHOLElistic” and practicing a holistic lifestyle is a life-changing experience that any of us can achieve. It starts with the understanding that it involves everything and not with being selective with what you want to prioritize. As a matter of fact, what we could prioritize will eventually lead us to other intricate areas where we need to implement care, anyway, so there you have it!

Whether you’ve spent years in the game, or considering transitioning into a holistic lifestyle, I commend and applaud you. It’s no small feat but as challenging as it may be at times, practicing a holistic lifestyle definitely worth it. We owe ourselves the freedom to feel WHOLE.