We all know that eating right is a huge part of living a healthier lifestyle, but what about our coins?
These days, it seems like junk foods and other foods that are not the healthiest is a lot cheaper than healthier food items. The question is how can we avoid spending more than what we have for clean eating?


My wonderful mother was a single mother who raised three kids in a two-bedroom apartment through most of my days as a pre-teen/teenager. I remember how cautious she was of her spending habit, which she implemented in her grocery shopping. It was more about saving money, as opposed to buying healthy. In our household, it was all about getting what we could afford. I was programmed that way ever since…until I knew better.

The Solution:
There really are ways to get around eating healthier without sacrificing your funds. It’s not only about budgeting, but it’s a matter of knowing what to buy. You can make fabulous plant-based meals for $50.00 or less and I can show you how!




You can get a pound of kale at an estimated retail price of $2.80. That’s enough kale to meal prep with for a week or two. Kale goes great in salads, as a side dish, or you can eat it alone raw, sauteed, or baked as chips with a little sea salt and olive oil.



You can get a pound of avocados at an estimated retail price of $2.24. You can do so much with avocado from using it as an alternative to mayonnaise to baking it. It’s perfect for salads, sandwiches (spread or diced), or you can eat it by scooping it out the skin with a spoon.



Baby Spinach

You can get a pound of baby spinach at an estimated retail price of $3.80. These are a delight to have with your salads, in your veggie sandwich, or boiled.


Bell Peppers

You can get a pound of bell peppers at an estimated retail price of $2.28. You can do so much with bell peppers from eating them raw in your favorite salads to baking them stuffed!


Sweet Potatoes

You can get sweet potatoes at an estimated retail price of $1.50 per pound. These are also nutritious and versatile that can be made in a variety of ways such as boiled, sautéed and baked.



This unique “fruit” doesn’t have an overwhelming supply of nutrients, but an eggplant does have a good amount of fiber. You can get an eggplant at an estimated retail price of anywhere from $1 to $4 per pound. An eggplant has a peculiar taste but it’s nothing sea salt can’t cure. You can bake and sautee your eggplants. they also make great additions to your leafy-green salad either way.


I could continue on, but I think you guys get the point.


Simply put…we can eat tasteful meals that are healthy but won’t break our pockets.