“The idea that we are our brother’s keeper and our sister’s keeper. That we should treat others as we would want to be treated. And that we care for the sick… feed the hungry… and welcome the stranger… no matter where they come from, or how they practice their faith.”

                                          ~First Lady Michelle Obama~     




There has been a shift this holiday season. Have you felt it? The shift is a result of people becoming more aware of their perceptions and beliefs. Which has left the question of what the true meaning of the season really is? This year alone, a vast number of individuals have decided to evolve their traditional and religious beliefs from Santa Claus and the Nativity of Jesus. Many have publicly expressed that their religious and traditional aspects of Christmas have declined because they just don’t believe in the events anymore. So, where does this leave the overall reason for the celebration?


In former President Barack and Michelle Obama’s Last Christmas Address from the White House, they summed up what the true reason for the season should be, no matter what you believe in. It is to acknowledge the eternal message of boundless love, compassion, and hope. They expressed that the true meaning is to recognize someone else’s sacrifice and serve someone other than yourself. The former president and his beautiful wife made it very transparent that this should be practiced all year round, and not just during the holidays. To be clear, efforts do not have to be expressed just in physical form but in any form that shows love and selflessness.  To sum it up, the Obamas expressed that during the holidays we all should recommit ourselves and share true values to our family and those around us.