You’ve chuckled at the title, right?

I’ll bet you have because you’ve been going through most of your adult life giving fucks, left and right, about what others may say, think, or do about you and yours.

That kind of self-inflicted dilemma can bring a certain amount of anxiety and stress that none of us deserve. However, there are a few ways on how NOT to give a fuck, so that you can be stress-free and live longer.

The truth is…all of us, at some point in our lives, actually, do give a fuck about something or someone because it’s a human trait to feel a need to be appreciated, valued, and/or understood by those we care about or respect.

We also give fucks left and right about money, status, a place to live, love, and whatever is on our priority list.

There are levels to the fucks we give and some fucks are useless compared to other fucks.

What to actually give a fuck about:

  • Your business as an entrepreneur.
  • Your relationship as a spouse.
  • Your parenting to your child.
  • Making your goals/plans a priority.

What not to give a fuck about:

  • What others may say/think about you and what you do.

How?-Start valuing yourself for who you are and what you’re about. Sure…this is a judgmental society we live in, but no one’s opinions of us define who we truly are. Know your worth and add tax!

  • Pleasing people

How?– Now, this is not to say you shouldn’t please those you care out of sheer love and devotion. However, there should definitely be some reciprocity. Don’t drain yourself, trying to please others and they don’t return that same amount of devotion. AND please don’t give a fuck if they become upset at your newfound need to no longer jump over hurdles for them. That kind of behavior only proves them wanting their selfish needs met.

  • Stressing over things we have no control over.

How?-Let’s face it! As much as we’d like, we have no control or power over some things. If you’re super worried over something that is of importance to you, take a long deep breath, be still, and you will have the answer you seek that will lead to a solution. 

  • People not liking you.

How?-Everybody should like you, but the truth of the matter is, not everyone won’t. You’ll HAVE to be okay with that. Instead of harboring feelings of hurt and disappointment over someone’s disapproval of you, just keep living your best life and enjoy those people who do. Especially if that person has no significance in your life.


  • Getting married and having babies by a certain age.

How?-If you believe you have to be married by THIS age or have a baby by THAT age, then just know it’s all BS. Living by society’s standards is not the way to go if those plans are unfulfilling and not really on your priority list. Live life on YOUR terms and do those things when you’re willing, ready, and not being pressured by your parents whose bucket lists include becoming grandparents.

  • Getting dumped.

How? I know how hurt and disappointing it could be to be dumped by someone you’ve liked, or even loved. Just know that’s the universe’s way of helping you make room for someone more deserving of your mind, body, and spirit. Know that you are worthy and deserving of the genuine love you desire. That special person is out there praying for you right now. 

  • Things that don’t personally apply to you or affect you.

How?-If you give even an ounce of care (fucks given) about things/situation that has absolutely nothing to do with you, you’re wasting good energy. Just mind our business and keep doing you.

Remember, there are only so many fucks we choose to give. Let’s be more careful with our fucks and spend it on things that matter. <3