Whether it’s due to a Winter Storm or a Mandatory State-Wide Quarantine from a viral outbreak, sharing space with folks you don’t like can be very challenging, to say the least.

Here at Holistically Being, we’ve compiled a list of spiritually-inspired methods that’ll help you keep the peace in the household. Winter storms and forced quarantines are enough to deal with. The least we should do is share space without recreating scenes from War of The Roses.


  1. Effective Communication: Mature folks should be able to utilize that throat chakra and have much-needed communication. Talking things out will surely remove some tension, but it has to be communication where you’ll both be open to listening to one another to understand and not listening to debate.
  2. Music– Listening to your playlist will lift the heaviness in the air. Music also effectively changes your mood for the better, and if you feel your body began to move to the beat, that’s even better. Moving your body assists in opening your chakras, particularly your sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras. Read more on your chakras here. Listening to music helps take the focus away from the reality of your situation.
  3. Meditation– Being under the same roof with someone who you can’t stand can definitely cause stress and anxiety, which can be relieved with meditating. When we meditate, it places us in a conscious state outside of the mind. In the mind, we can sometimes store thoughts that create sadness, anger, and other emotional blockages. Meditating simply lifts those blockages. Just five to ten minutes of meditating in a quiet spot without distractions are all you need.
  4. Do Something You’ll Enjoy: Many activities are “therapeutic” to different people. Some enjoy cooking, writing, painting, watching Netflix, etc. Doing what makes you smile takes away the tension in the household.
  5. Monopoly Will Save The Day!: Board games can help remove the “pink elephant” in the room. Games with each other or the whole family create fun for all affected by the tension surrounding them. It brings laughter, creates bonds, and helps highlight the parts of you that attracted this person to your personality in the first place.