I don’t think that I can stress enough how frustrating it is to live life with countless imperfections. Then having to go through life accepting them, yet still be judged of who you are or who you should be. Yes, living your life with so many contradictions can always be a challenge, and as soon as we come to terms that we cannot run from our challenges, we will learn to accept ourselves, flaws and all. For some of us, we can read all the empowering information there is and still not understand how to begin the process of accepting all of ourselves. So just like any sport or skill, practice will always make perfect.

These three simple practices could help lift your spirits and begin your self-love and acceptance journey successfully.

  1. Morning Mirror Chants/Affirmations.

First, begin with “I AM”

“I am beautiful” “I am powerful” “I am magical”

The history of the word I AM dates to ancient Kemet. It was used to call power to one’s self.

  1. Stretches/Exercises

Even with a busy schedule, simple stretches and exercises are proven to make a world of a difference with mood and brain circulation.


Limit and Eliminate the judgment of yourself and others!

Now, this can be a tough one for many of us since we seem to be programmed to always find the wrong before the right.

To conclude, ladies, please be aware that the journey of self-love can be very difficult at times, and it must be maintained daily in order to become better at it.