Am I the only that feels that sometimes life just isn’t fair? I’m sure we’ve all looked around and seen someone else getting something that you deserved Like that colleague who never does anything, but gets the job promotion you really wanted, or your neighbor pulling up beside you in their new car. Here’s one better… you find out that you have an illness and you try to fight the urge but can’t help to think of five other people that The Creator could have done this to other than you.

It just isn’t fair! “Why Me?” We always ask.

How dare we question God! Right? Isn’t that what “they” always say? Well, I say that maybe life can be a little unjust or unfair sometimes, but did the Creator ever promise us otherwise? Life doesn’t have to be good or bad. It is exactly what it is.

Personally, I’ve found that when I step out of pity and stop believing what I “think” I deserve and just surrender to the guidance of the source I can deal with the rises and downfalls of life a lot better. When I trust and believe that the Creator really does have my best interest, even when it doesn’t quite seem like it, I am able to see a better reward. I know it may sound cliché but, in all reality, this is not our reality. We must remember that our souls will continue to live on until it reconnects with the Most High. This life here on Earth will not be our last stop, and I know that we may be tired of hearing the repetition, but have you just taken a minute and thought about it.

Have you ever just stopped and thought about how things will be after the life you are living right now? At first, it can be quite frightening but when you realize that it is a part of your reality, even in this plane, life can become a lot more neutral. The Creator never gave us definitions of what is fair or unfair, other people did and it has done nothing more than making many miserable trying to chase what we think we deserve or what our rewards should be. Our best option as vehicles of the Creator is to follow the path to our purpose and live there. So, before you fret over a bill and wonder why things couldn’t just be better for you just remember that duality does not exist, it’s all a fantasy that we are choosing to live in. Step out and choose to live for a purpose.