Rock Legend, Lenny Kravitz recently shared with Men’s Health his secrets to staying fit, fine, and fabulous at age fifty-six!

Kravitz, who’s been staying in the Bahamas, revealed that he is vegan, eats ‘primarily raw’ meals, and grows most of his own food.

During an episode of  Men’s Health’s “Gym & Fridge” YouTube series, Kravitz gives a tour of his garden and his “gym”. He seems like he’s living beautifully over in the Bahamas and he’s obviously proving that when you care for yourself on the inside (internally), it’ll definitely show externally. He looks fantastic!

Lenny did admit to having cheat days that includes carbs, carbs, and more carbs.

Hey! Nothing wrong with treating yourself, Lenny! Especially for someone who efficiently exercises six days a week!

Press play below!


Source: Beet/Men’s Health