There’s no doubt that being super careful with who we share our bed with is a MUST!
Not only for the purposes of safe and healthy sex but on a spiritual level, your partner could definitely transfer negative energy to you.

Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist, Kirk Franklin’s most recent viral video is indeed an important reminder to stay aware of your partner’s energy. Married or not, this is something we all should stay aware of.

I’ve always said that how your partner feels and what he/she holds energetically during sex can be transferred into you. Especially if the receiver is a woman. Naturally, we as women are built to receive because of how we’re created. As a result, we are most affected when it comes to energy exchange during sex. Have you ever wondered why you felt different or more emotional unstable after sexual intercourse with your partner? Think back to that night and how your partner felt. What did he/she experience that day? Did you feel a sense of burden, stress, anxiety, frustration, anger?

Although we may consider sex a form of stress relief, it doesn’t help if your partner relieves all of the stress or any of the other emotional blockages they’ve harbored into you. Just think about it! SEX is Sacred Energy Exchange. A form of intimacy with the sole purpose to help heal your lover sexually, emotionally, and spiritually…ONLY if your partner is spiritually healed and attuned with one’s self energetically.

Folks are having sex with someone who’s frustrated and depressed and wonder why they’re frustrated and depressed!

Let’s get right with ourselves, beautiful people and become more selective with who we exchange with.

Watch Franklin’s viral speech below, courtesy of Gospel Artist Entertainment.