BOSS MOVES: Meet Jamila Anahata of The Soulful Veganista!

Jamila Anahata is a passionate activist, blogger, and lifestyle coach in the DC/Baltimore area. Her favorite topics to write about are social justice, conscious living, and spirituality and how it affects her life as a black femme. In her free time, she likes to read tarot cards, cook whole plant foods, practice Self-Mastery, and lift heavy at the gym!


HB: How long have you been vegan?

Jamila: I’ve been vegan for going on six years now! I transitioned while I was in college originally for health and cultural reasons, but now it’s for errthang pretty much.

HB: How important is veganism in the black communities?

Jamila: Oh, I believe it’s very important. I’m really understanding to why folks won’t or can’t go vegan, but I think it’s a great way to introduce more plants into our diets and welcome new information about how our food gets to our plates. It also can open up new conversations about the interconnections of oppression and how they affect us personally.

HB: When was The Soulful Veganista birthed?

Jamila: I haven’t thought about this for a long time! A few months after I went vegan back in 2013, I wanted to start a blog and make YouTube videos to inspire Black folks to go vegan. I don’t know what got me to think of my brand name, but once it popped up in my head I made sure to use it on most platforms that were available at the time. One of the first things I did after creating my old blog and current YouTube was make my Instagram, and my consistency on there eventually gave me the amazing support I have now.

HB: Explain what shadow work is and how those can benefit from it.

Jamila: Shadow Work is the practice of acknowledging your darkness and resolving it so that your fears no longer hold you hostage. This could look like one tracing back a traumatic event from childhood that causes triggers in their daily life. They could write down or even meditate on how that incident affects their life now and how what happened was supposed to build them and not break them. It’s all about accepting your darkness as you and using it to your advantage rather than avoid it like we usually do.

This benefits every human because it will lessen our irrational fears (since fear is the lowest vibration and can lead to us manifesting our own fears) which will have us living our best lives.

HB: There are some moments when we as spiritual/holistic coaches suffer from low vibrations. How do you, as a holistic lifestyle coach, raise your vibration and stay balanced?

Jamila: That’s a great question because it has been somewhat difficult for me to keep my vibration constantly high this year since it’s been rough for me. Whenever I feel myself sinking deeper in a mood, I switch the narrative in my head from focusing on the problem of figuring out solutions to my situation. Then I examine what thoughts are serving me and which ones are pulling me out of alignment. That’s when I focus on being grateful for what I have and put all my attention on what I want in my life so I’m manifesting wisely.

I also like to imagine my aura beaming with a bright golden light and letting that energy rise up through my body from my root chakra.

HB: What’s your favorite vegan meal?

Jamila: That’s a tough one since I’m a die-hard foodie. Lets just say at the moment, I wouldn’t mind having a BBQ chik’n pizza with caramelized onions, red peppers, basil, jalapenos, and other delicious savory toppings (except for mushrooms and tomatoes haha).

HB: I love your style. How would you describe it?

Jamila: Aww thanks!! It definitely depends on my moods but I usually like to go for a glittery Afro-goth look. I’ve always been the goth kid and I love to express that part of myself with Afrocentric, urban, and boho themes!

HB: What’s next for the Soulful Veganista?

Jamila: Woo lawd! I’m almost trying to figure that out for myself! I’m in the works of creating more events to educate Black folks about conscious living, programming the subconscious mind, and decolonizing spirituality, as well as making YouTube videos, eBooks, and other content to get my people engaged in this kind of stuff. I’m also doing lifestyle coaching full-time so I’m always figuring out ways to be the best source to others I can be.


HB: What is your advice for those who need spiritual uplifting?


Jamila: That it’s okay to feel sad, discouraged, or lost, but eventually you gotta get back on track and do what you’ve been put here to do. You are here to fulfill your wildest dreams and you know you have the power and intuition to obtain it! It won’t manifest until you decide that you are worthy of success, love, and being happy. Now figure out what your Higher Self is trying to tell you and go get those blessings!

HB: If you could write an encouraging note to your teenage self, what would you tell her?

Dear Teenage Jamila,

You are not who they say you are. Sure, it’s easy to believe the messages you receive from the media, your peers, and even your mom, but you are more than a stereotype and an emo kid. Keep on expressing yourself the way you do despite people’s opinions. You being authentic is why you’re here on this plane and it’s greatly benefiting you. No matter what your teenage brain is telling you, just remember that you’re beautiful, talented, intelligent, sweet, and very much so loved.

With Love,

Your Future Self

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