In a world where sex can be approached with ill-intentions, lovers can develop emotionally and spiritually dysfunctional behavior and depending on the lack of maturity and/or severity, moving beyond and reaching our highest level spiritual ascension will be impossible to achieve.


How can sex be approached with ill-intentions?

There are those who use sex as a power trip and as a tool for emotional manipulation. There are those who view sex as animalistic and penetrates their lover without taking the time to explore their lover’s body. In some cases, their lover’s pleasure is not a priority for him/her. Then you have those who use sex in a violent manner, which is basically rape. There are those who lie to get sex because they choose to be emotionally selfish and chooses not to be aligned with their higher selves.


Sex is beautiful but somehow, we’ve managed to turn this beautiful act of creation and the highest form of a divine spiritual connection into a bodily weapon for personal disruption of the mind, body, and spirit. We need to change our sexual relationship with one thing, and one thing only….HONESTY.


Honesty is the key to a longer-lasting, healthy and LOVING relationship. According to K. Akua Gray, author of ‘Holistic Sexuality: A Practical Guide To Sexual Healing’, honesty in a sexual relationship has the power to preserve the divine intentions of the couple when they come together. Communication is solid, a high vibration of energy is projected and both feel a better sense of security in the relationship. Also according to Gray, the mental and emotional balance that couples produce can be shared with others as an example of good relationship intelligence. This interrelating removes fear and establishes a permanent trust factor.


Being honest with ourselves is a crucial and important factor. We should know what we really want for ourselves and what we want our sexual relationship to manifest into. We shouldn’t be afraid to express what we want and/or need to our loved one, as well.


It’s important to understand that for us to be able to heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in our sexual relationships, we must change how we think of sex. Contrary to what many may believe, sex is not just about getting an orgasm. It’s not about using your vagina/penis as bate to get what you want. It’s about the sacred energy exchanged during the intimate and pleasurable experience. Sex is not only a physical act of procreation, it’s a form of spiritual connection that can only be fully appreciated with someone you truly love.