On April 1st, 2022, Holistically Being turned FOUR YEARS OLD!

HB was birthed in April of 2018. When I started, it was under a whole different direction. Although my mission was to share my journey of transitioning to a holistic lifestyle, I didn’t really take blogging seriously, until I realized I had an audience who was curious about their own journey and needed help finding answers. I’m one to tell you that I’ve learned as I went along and continue to do so. I just wanted to share MY experiences, as well as share what I’m acknowledged in when it comes to spiritual/holistic care. Little did I know, I would grow to care much deeply about this blog and the legacy I’m creating around it.

In the beginning of this blogging journey, updating content weekly, my handful of faithful readers began to grow. As they grew, I grew as a content creator. I didn’t want to just “talk” about changing my life with holistic alternatives.

I wanted to BE the change. I wanted to LIVE the change.

I studied deeply about chakras and energetic work, which I apply to my daily self-care routine as a level one reiki practitioner. I started practicing yoga in 2018 around the time I started the blog and three years later, received my certification in yoga in the Summer of 2021. I plan to continue my studies in holistic care, as I navigate this life journey. I’m obsessed with educating myself on all things related to holistic care and energetic works.

For some time, I’ve come to the realization that everything about us needs a good cleansing. Being “WHOLElistic” is not just about eating better and using natural products. It’s also about watching what and who we subject our mind, body, and spirit to. That’s what Holistically Being is really all about.

Within the last few years, I can’t even count how many times I wanted to quit. But then I think about the reason I started all of this in the first place. This blog has helped me step out of my little comfy box in many ways including starting my own podcast and creating a You Tube channel as an extension of the blog. Yes! The girl who used to think her voice sounds weird in a recording and loathed being in front of a camera! YEST! THIS GIRL!

I’m blessed to interview some amazing entrepreneurs, business owners, and experts in their respective fields related to spiritual work, mental health, and holistic wellness. I’m also blessed to chat it up with folks who I can relate with as those navigating life the holistic way by implementing self-care methods for a healthier mind, body, and spirit. I get a feeling I can’t describe when I plug in my microphone and press “record”.  It feels amazing. 🙂

I want to send a special thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read a piece, watch an interview, shared a link, subscribed to the email list, streamed a podcast episode or simply shared that the blog has been helpful for you.

HB is not just MY blog, it’s also YOURS.💜

I’ve come a long way, but still have miles to go. (If that makes sense)

Holistically Being has yet to “reach the masses”, but with my drive and dedication, I will easily manifest it. I’m grateful for every opportunity and experience that this podcast/blog has given me and the very valuable lessons these experiences have taught me. Not just as an online entrepreneur, but as someone who mustn’t give up hope in this competitive market of content creation. As I continue to embark on this journey, I can only say I look forward to another year of dreams coming true and connecting with beautiful souls who wants to help make the world a better place with creating healthier minds, bodies, and spirits the holistic way.

We all deserve to live life in color and in high definition.