Smudging your sacred space is a different kind of house cleaning!


Known as an ancient practice created by Native Americans, smudging has become the ultimate solution to removing negative energy from your environment, as well as yourself. Any place you consider your sacred space is in need of smudging if you sense stagnant or negative energy in the air. Whether it’s your home, office, or other space, it’s vital to smudge because that type of energy can cause detrimental effects on your mental well-being.

When smudging, it’s important to be fully aware and focus on the moment, as you clear the air around you.  Smudging is something you should do at least 3 times a year, but how many times you smudge is totally up to you. I smudge whenever I feel the need and that’s usually twice a month. Even though your home may be a “Peace Haven”, it’s still a good idea to smudge.


Because other people that come in and out of your sacred space can unknowingly bring negative energy. You, yourself, can bring negative energy into your space from being around other people outside your home with negative energy.

How to smudge your sacred space

There are 3 items that you’ll need for your smudging ritual

  • A roll of sage
  • Candle w/candle lighter
  • ashtray or fireproof bowl


Step 1- Place your sage, your ashtray, and your candle on your altar or on a table in front of you. Make sure this is at a time when your space is quiet and you won’t become disturbed. Treat this moment like a ceremonious ritual. Although you’re alone, it’s important that you understand this ritual deserves your full attention and dedication. You’re about to remove all energies that will negatively affect your mental/emotional/physical well-being.

Step 2- Open all doors and windows of your sacred space. The smoke is a purifying agent and as it clears the energy, the venting releases the smoke, therefore, successfully removing the unwanted energy from your sacred space.

Step 3- Light your candle and light the tip of your sage stick (roll of sage) with the candlelight. Begin waving the sage around as the tip start to smolder. Make sure to position the ashtray or fireproof bowl under your sage as you wave it around. It catches any loose ashes and prevents it from falling on the floor or on your furniture.

Step 4- Stay focused and pay attention to the sage smoke as it lingers in the air. Visualize the negative energy being removed. Cover all areas of your house, including the corners. Stay connected to your breathing and say a prayer or say aloud some affirmations to the universe while you smudge.


Step 5- After smudging your entire space, return to where you originally started and place your ashtray/bowl with the sage in it on your altar/table. Pick up your sage stick and gently extinguish it by pressing the tip firmly against the tray/bowl. Blow out your candle, unless you want to continue using it.


How to smudge yourself or someone else

Once you get the sage stick to smolder, wave your sage stick around your body, starting at the top of your head and continue down to our feet. The key to successfully smudging yourself is to remember where your chakras are located, so you can wave your sage around those areas.  Don’t forget to use your ashtray.


Happy smudging!