Memories from our past life experiences are mental snapshots that come up randomly like a Facebook Memory Generator. If you’re regularly active on Facebook, you get what I’m saying!

These memories will either make us smile or make us cringe with sheer embarrassment or even emotional pain. It’s human nature to look back and have regrets about some things that have occurred or didn’t occur. The first step to healing from our past lives is to acknowledge the fact that all experiences, whether good or bad, are teachable moments and we should NEVER be ashamed of them. The life motto is, “You live and you learn”.

Healing from experiences in the past will free you from emotional blockages and from situations and people who no longer serve you.

Some of the types of issues we have dealt with in our past lives are typically acts of toxic behavior:

  • Addiction
  • Criminal activity
  • Unfaithful
  • Being resentful/jealous/angry person
  • Abandoning your children

Karmic Energy Blockage is stored when we turn what transpired in our past lives and hold on to them, allowing us to hold ourselves hostage from our divine growth. It could be things we did, things our family/friends did, things we did as kids, things that happened to us as kids, relationships that go sour, etc. They all could require Karmic Release if the very thought of them makes us feel ashamed or doubtful about the future.

What is Karmic Release?

Karmic Release is a method to rid you of energy, connections, cords, and the ties that may have been holding you back. For most of us, we’re oblivious to this actually happening.

FYI, the past can be any date prior to today’s…even yesterday. When you feel the urge to release yourself from the experiences of the past, you are ready for Karmic release.

There are three ways recommended as Karmic release

  • Spiritual bathing
  •  Meditation with a protection crystal
  • Chakra Cord clearing technique


Spiritual Bathing

When we endure some spiritual/emotional stress and/or trauma, it definitely creates spiritual blockages and lingering negative energy. Spiritual bathing, or as some may call ritual bathing, is our way of releasing those blockages. After your spiritual bath, you should feel more at peace, spiritually cleansed, lighter, and balanced. Learn how to take a spiritual bath here.

Meditation with protection crystal

  • Ask for guidance
  • Have a stone for protection. Black Tourmaline is the perfect stone for this type of mediation because it fights against all forms of negative energy.
  • Lie down on your back an close your eyes
  • Concentrate on your breathing. Not too fast, not too slow, nice and steady.
  • Clear your mind and visualize what you want to change and make better. Visualize saying and doing the things you want to do.
  • Let all of what happened in the past go. It no longer serves you.
  • You may become emotional while meditating. That’s very normal and a sign of releasing emotional blockages.

Afterward, you should feel more at ease and feel a sense of inner peace. Keep in mind that you may have to do this more than once and that’s okay. Years of holding on to Karmic energy takes a lot of work to let go of.


Chakra Cord Clearing

Cords are thin, light connections from your chakras to the chakras of the people you have some deep human interaction with. You will typically have cords to loved ones including spouse/twin flame/soulmate, children, and parents. You can have cord connections to people in your life who have passed on, as well. You can also create friendship cords to people you’ve socially connected with online and offline, believe it or not.


the issues with chakra cords are that they can deteriorate over time when they are connected to toxic people. Negative energy flows from one body to the other, and again, most of us are oblivious to this, so all of us who are not familiar with this, will not realize. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that we ALL have the power to clear them.

This is something that can be done, even without a crystal.

  • If you have crystals, choose a crystal in the color of the cord you want to clear. For example, if it’s the heart chakra that’s affected because of a former love interest, use a green crystal like Green Aventurine or Malachite. More on chakras here.
  • Ask for guidance from the Universe
  • Smooth the cord with your hands or with the crystal in your hand, in slow movements away from the body.
  • Speak positive affirmations while you do so

Afterward, you should feel the release from yourself and the toxic person(s) you were connected to.


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