Let me tell you something!

When you finally get to a place where you’re ready to get back to who you were, you’ll remove anything and anyone that prevents you from getting back to the empowered Queen/King you are! It starts with YOU!

As we navigate through life, we are sometimes faced with challenges that test our faith, confidence, our ability to love, stay positive, etc. These tests will drain us to depletion, leading us to feel broken, absorbing low-vibrational energy.

When this happens, our chakras become blocked, enabling self-limiting behavior, attitude, and actions that’ll hinder our personal growth. That includes…

Unhealthy eating habits

Blaming ourselves for what’s happened






Lack of confidence

Low self-esteem



Feeling Unloved/unworthy of love


If it’s a broken relationship: Regardless of what went down, you have to get to a place of acceptance and move on with peace. Take the relationship for what it was…a valuable lesson on what you’re truly worthy of and becoming the person who deserves what you’re worthy of.

If it’s a job loss: Whether you were terminated or you quit, look at the situation as a step towards your true purpose. What is it that you are passionate about and really want to manifest? Use the opportunity to take the necessary steps to make your goals flourish.

If it’s a weight issue: As long as you’re moving, and not expecting to lose/gain weight overnight with little to no progress, then you are ding just fine, love. Do the best you can do with a little step each day. A little step is better than no step. Each step is a step toward success. In the meantime, embrace the skin you’re in KNOWING, you are beautiful at whatever weight you’re at.

If it’s financial struggles: I think it’s safe to say that many of us grew up in a household where financial literacy wasn’t taught. Unfortunately, this problem has carried over into adulthood. We place unnecessary bills and create debt that we may actually bound ourselves to for the rest of our lives. However, this problem can be reversed with proper credit restoration. We can start by removing unnecessary bills like your cable subscription that you barely watch. The key is to treat your money as if you’re broke…EVERY…SINGLE….TIME. Even if you’re financially abundant. Remember, the more we make, the more we spend.

If it’s stress/anxiety: The goal is to live in the present moment. We tend to become anxious about what’s to come in the future and worry about repeating what we don’t want to repeat from the past. All of that leads to stress that could eventually take a toll on our spirit.  Live in the present moment and just absorb and focus what’s going on now.

If it’s a broken friendship: Take accountability for your actions and make peace with the situation. Making amends is possible if you choose to be the bigger person. However, stay attentive to your energy around this person. If you feel you’re being drained whenever they’re around, perhaps a separation is the best. Do what will bring you the most peace.

Implementing these suggestions will help your light illuminate like the NYE’s Ball in NY’s Times Square. That’s an indicator of finding your “higher self”, or getting back to you, in simpler terms. You deserve to be happy, feel prosperous, experience newness and freedom. Get to a place of empowerment and personal evolution so significant, nothing and no one will have the power to disturb your inner peace.

Find your light and let it shine. <3