How To Do A Full Moon/New Moon Ritual

When a full moon or new moon approaches, we should definitely take full advantage of the moon’s energy by doing a ritual. But first, let’s break down the meaning behind the rituals for a full moon and a new moon.

Full Moon– A full moon is 100% illuminated and at the end of the moon’s cycle. We do a ritual during the full moon for letting go what no longer serves us, removing blockages that hinders our personal growth, and manifest desires.

New Moon– A new moon is 0% illuminated and at the beginning of the moon’s cycle. We do a ritual during a new moon for fresh starts, new beginnings, and manifestations.


Now, let’s keep in mind that everyone does a full/new moon differently and that’s okay. It’s all about your preference and how connected you feel to the moon’s energy.




New moonset the intention & get to work.
The new moon gives way to that first sliver of light as the shadow moves and the moon reveals herself—or “waxes,” as it’s called.

Reap results or make decisions at the full moon.
Two weeks later, we have the complete illumination of the full moon, which can reveal what was in the dark. Your next moves will show themselves now.

Finish what you started for two weeks after the full moon.
After the full moon, la luna “wanes” or recedes into shadows for two weeks, a good time to deal with what came up at the full moon, wrap up loose ends, and prepare to start something new at the next new moon.

Each new moon also has a six-month astrological cycle—for example, the March new moon in Pisces always links to the September full moon in Pisces. The December/January Capricorn new moon comes full circle with a late June/July Capricorn full moon. So you can set specific intentions at a new moon, based on the energies of that zodiac sign, and watch them unfold in the coming half-year.


What we’ll need:


As I’ve mentioned earlier, everyone who is into moon manifestations will practice rituals in their own unique way. I will show you how I practice which you can follow step-by-step or incorporate your own steps into it.  What I use for a full/new moon ritual are candles, crystals, a journal, sage stick, relaxing music or music of your choice, and essential oils.


Candles: I use candles in the color blue, yellow, and white. A blue candle is for protection, focus, forgiveness, and good fortune. A white candle is for peace,  purity, and healing.  A yellow candle is for joy and a positive attitude. The color of the candle provides the therapy and/or manifestation that you need. Black candles are perfect for full moon rituals because black is for banishing negativity, which is what we all need for letting go of what isn’t of value to us.


Crystals: You have to choose the crystals that will provide the healing and/or manifestation that you need. For example, if you need to manifest financial success, the crystals to use are aventurine and citrine. When you set your intentions, it’s important to have the appropriate crystals that correlate with the type of healing that you need. You can also use crystals that balance the seven chakras.

A Journal– When I’m setting my intentions, I am writing a list of things that no longer serve me on one page and write down a list of manifestations I need on another page. There are two ways I release my lists to the universe.

1- Fold my lists as small as I can get them and place them in a fire-proof bowl or ashtray then set fire to them using the flicker from one of my candles. As they burn, the smoke raises, releasing my intentions to the universe. 

2- Place your lists somewhere special like under your pillow/mattress or place on your altar until the next full/moon cycle. When you practice the next ritual, bury the list of what you desire in the earth’s soil so it can continue to grow. Burn the list of what no longer serves you as suggested.


Sage stick– Smudging yourself & your sacred space before your ritual is the perfect time because you are clearing you & your space of any negative energy that may have invaded you and hinder you from receiving the moon’s energy.


Essential oils- I use essential oils that will aid in manifestations of whatever I need to be manifested, so it’s different oils every time I practice. However, we have the option to use the same oil every time. I’m going to be biased and suggest Lavender oil as one of the oils we should use for every ritual because of it’s limitless healing capabilities for the mind and body.


An altar– An altar is simply a display table where you practice your rituals. If you don’t have one, that’s totally fine. Having one is optional, but keep in mind, you’ll want to have a special and safe place to keep your intentions and your crystals between moon rituals.


Music– Music is sound therapy, so it simply helps relax you while you’re practicing. Meditation music is traditionally played during a ritual, but in a world of music lovers, we have chosen music from any genre that appeals to us and that’s totally fine.


The ritual, step-by-step

  • Turn your music on
  • Start diffusing your essential oils or use an oil burner
  • Smudge yourself and your sacred space. You can learn how to effectively smudge here.
  • Place your candles on your altar (if they’re not already there) and light them.
  • Sit in front of your altar and place your crystals on your altar or around your body.
  • Open your journey and start writing your list of intentions: One list to remove what no longer serves you and one with the list of things you desire. When you’re done, read them out loud to the universe.(Return to the journey description above for how you’ll choose to release your intentions to the universe).
  • After releasing your intentions, blow your candles out.


Happy Full/New Moon!







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