I get it!

You’ve been emotionally burned time and time again.

Your heart chakra is totally weakened from the cycles of disappointment and heartbreak.

You’re done dating FOR GOOD!

What if I told you giving love another chance after heartbreak can help heal your heart space/chakra.

It’s simply a matter of trusting the process and knowing that you deserve the TRUE love you want to manifest.


Think bout it!!!


It takes a lot of courage to trust love again after many failed attempts at it. Trusting love enough to give it another shot not only allows you the ability to strengthen your heart chakra, But It’s also the action, itself, that proves how much you honor your worth. There may have been failed attempts. However, when you still believe in love to want to manifest it, it speaks volumes. Especially when you give it another chance without certainty.

One would probably ask, “Why try to bask in love with someone if you’re not sure if it’s real?”

Well, one should also ask, “Why should we work at a new job when we’re uncertain about how stable it’ll be?”

Sometimes, loves forces you to take a risk with your heart. It also reinforces the need to have effective communication so that we can be certain that the love we’re experiencing with our partner is genuine. Until e have that conversation, we’ll always wonder. But honoring and loving yourself enough to keep trying in the name of love is a powerful manifesting tool.

Giving love another chance, despite uncertainty, means you’ve accepted what’s happened in your broken relationships. You’re not allowing yourself to be so consumed with why things didn’t work out. Giving love another chance also displays forgiveness that you have for yourself and others. We strive for a harmonious and authentically loving relationship because we deserve it, and we love ourselves enough to give it another shot.