How Ashanti Stays FIT, FINE, and FABULOUS at Age FORTY!

Grammy-Award winner, Chart-Topping songstress and actress, Ashanti recently celebrated her 40th Bearthday, but can we just highlight how fabulous she looks??



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A1… round the way

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Let’s first honor her work as not only as an artist with an illustrious career. Ms. Ashanti also owns a record label, Written Entertainment and has launched her own line of merchandise. With a schedule like hers, it’s even more necessary to highlight how damn good she looks and the time and effort she incorporates into her busy schedule to stay fine.

Ashanti recently shared her secrets to keeping her amazing body in shape with BlackDoctor.Org. She credits the gym with a personal trainer wherever she goes. She also revealed a method that most won’t usually consider as part of a health regimen.


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“I’m going to be honest with you. This may be TMI but a great colonic does wonders. Wonders, I promise you,” confesses Ashanti. “Colonics and squats and cut out fried foods.”

A colonic is an infusion of water or other liquids into the rectum by a colon therapist to cleanse and flush out the colon. It is also called colonic hydrotherapy or colon irrigation.

Colonics and enemas are similar, but there are some key differences between a colonic and an enema.


However, her diet is not always perfect. She says she’s “realistic” when it comes to her diet.

If she wants something fattening, she eats a little bit of it, not the whole thing like she used to.


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Sun kisses 🥳🥳🥳📸 @mralexacosta

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Ashanti is SNATCHED for the Gawds! ‘Nuff said!

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