Every once in a while, I’ll come across someone on IG and I become so intrigued with their social media presence, I have to press that follow button. The wonderful inspirational women you’ll see listed are those I follow on social media.


They are magical women who remind me of three things:

  1. That it’s pretty damn sexy to recognize your highest divine self and not be afraid to show it off!
  2. In a world full of conventional standards, it’s okay for you to stand out and be YOUnique, unapologetically!
  3. Your spiritual ascension is your greatest proof of self-love. Keep loving yourself.

(Click the names for their respective sites)



Divinely Her

From her Spoken Word to her inspirational images, this young lady is definitely living up to her Instagram handle.


Pretty Boss TV

Kendra Justine’s very informative Youtube, “Pretty Boss TV” has definitely helped me develop the path to my spiritual journey. Her vids about dealing with depression to the chakra system inspired me to open up, awaken spiritually, and live my truth.

Watch one of her recent videos below. Click the link above for her channel.



Nicky Sutton

Nicky Sutton’s Youtube was my go-to for learning about my chakras, among other things that helped me awaken spiritually.

Hit vid below



This beautiful sistah has taught me a lot about yoni eggs and diving deep into my sensuality. Every time I scroll and see her I am reminded of how proud I am of being a woman!



I adore her bubbly personality that shines brightly on her Instagram stories, and I look forward to her motivational posts which helped me get through a few tough moments. Need some upliftment? Follow her IG!

? #igstorygems Change ya thoughts, change your life. Look at the circumstances in your life. They are reflective of your vibration/ Frequency! Are they reflective of what you want? Your conscious and unconscious beliefs shape the experiences of what you attract in this world, but you can affect your vibe. By choosing positive thoughts & actions, choosing to heal from past trauma, and choosing to forgive yourself and others, you release some of the negative frequencies that you may be emitting. This makes room for a lighter vibe and the ability to attract more of what you want! Pay attention to your thoughts this week and see what they show you about you and your life! #spiritedxkulture #spiritualscience

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Image courtesy of Vic Supreme

I Love You Fun

I came across I Love You Fun’s IG while promoting my blog, ‘Dear Locs’. Her transparency, her style, and her thick locs is what I admire about her! 🙂



The Trap Witch

I love The Trap Witch’s IG, because, in her videos and captions, she gives it to us straight with no chaser! She’s also very entertaining!


Why does the stroke matter? In golf it’s a difference between a hole in one and a missed win. In art, it’s the difference between a blob and a beautiful picture. With time, you can be a stroke of a second too late on the clock and miss your deadline. Regardless. Knowing intuitively how to change the dynamics of the strokes and strides in your life makes a difference. Anyone who’s had themselves in a compromised position where their back was against the goal of someone who wasn’t creating any chemistry of fireworks knows what I’m talking about. Just like with sex and how strokes matter to bring about a climax, (in this case, I’m going to be talking male and female energies)…knowing what you’re creating (female energy) and how you’re going about doing that (male energy), in your life determines the climax and how things come to you sooner ??Ladies, if you don’t know how you even like it done with yourself, you’re going to have a hard time directing someone else to hit the stroke in the right spot of what experience you’re trying to achieve and how you want things done, too. Sexuality is transcendent of much that requires studying alchemy. Thank me later. Study the stroke. It matters ???‍♂️?

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Lakia McDaniel

Did y’all think I was gonna do a piece on highly-divine women and NOT include myself??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

I take this opportunity to invite you beautiful ppl to my Youtube channel. It’s my newest baby, so there’s only one real video I’ve just uploaded and I plan to add new vids every Saturday!
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