Her Story: Yes, I Read Tarot Cards! No! I Don’t Need An Invitation to Church!

I’ve been practicing tarot for over a year and since I’ve made it public and turned it into a business, I’ve had this need to clarify a lot of the myths about tarot cards.

First, let me say this…NO! Tarot is NOT EVIL! The cards are not created and packaged with a dark entity embedded in the material…LOL.

Let’s break down exactly what tarot cards are.

The tarot deck tells a story from the beginning of a journey (The Fool) to the end of a journey, moving on to the next. (The World). It’s a deck that consists of 78 cards in total. 22 major arcanas and 56 minor arcanas. The minor Arcanas symbolizes how we deal with everyday situations. Major Arcanas symbolizes everything that makes us who we are. Majors carry greater weight because it provides guidance regarding long-term goals. A major arcana in a spread will always reflect major life changes.

Do they STILL seem “evil”?

The issue is the general perception of what tarot cards are based on people who use what it says in the bible or how it’s perceived as witchcraft. Granted, witches use this divination tool, but not everyone who does tarot is a witch. Your doctor could be a tarot reader. Your child’s teacher could be a tarot reader. Your co-worker could be a tarot reader. Your favorite celebrity could be a tarot reader. I think you get my point already. It is not possible to use these cards for evil purposes unless the reader has bad intentions and deliberately misguides the receiver of the reading. Unfortunately, that has happened to some folks. All I can say is use your best judgment when choosing a reader. Choosing a tarot reader is like choosing a therapist.

As for me, it’s funny how some who are aware of what I do have sent me invites to church. I haven’t stepped foot in a church house in a few years for personal reasons I don’t care to share, but know this. I have my own relationship with God and I’ll attend church one day on my own accord. Not because you feel I need “cleansing from evilness” in the “House of the Lord”. I don’t need an invitation to church. Sending me an invitation definitely doesn’t negate the fact that it illuminates your ignorance of tarot reading. Tarot cards are not evil. The death card is not a bad omen. Forget everything you have heard about a tarot deck, which is simply a beautiful way of using your intuition to provide guidance who those who need it! At the end of the day, a Tarot card is just a card. To believe that it’s the “Devil’s work” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Besides…God gave us intuitive skills. Why not use it?

I honestly feel like once I received my spiritual awakening, the gift chose me. After weeks of strengthening my intuition using my clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairsentient abilities, I developed the confidence to start my own tarot reading business. I use my skills as a lightworker, intuitive advisor and someone my clients can trust who will provide them the clarity they seek. Nothing about that is evil. I don’t proclaim myself as a witch, but if YOU do, well that’s not my concern. I’m not offended either way.

In conclusion, some of who are set in their ways (the older generation and hardcore christians) will probably read this and let it go over their heads. I already know I can’t change everyone’s mind. So I choose not to waste my energy defending what I do and why I chose to do it. As of now, I don’t promote my tarot business, unless I’m approached via Word of Mouth from my clients, or if someone comes across my YouTube channel. When I do, I find that I avoid unnecessary criticism from the public, as well as a few family members and associates who aren’t down for what I do. I get it! Tarot isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea”, and I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with is people creating the perception that my heart isn’t pure because of what they were conditioned to believe about tarot reading.


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