My choice to seek therapy came after many years of hesitation and procrastination on my part. I eventually gave in and decided it was time, well because…I can only do but so much yoga and meditation for me to create inner harmony. I had to accept the possibility of needing deeper healing that requires the help of an unbiased licensed professional that can help me get where I need to be. I’m so glad I did.

When it comes to our vehicle, we take it every few months for maintenance and tune ups. We make sure the oil is changed, tires are in alignment, etc. Basically, we make the body of our vehicles a top priority when it comes to maintenance. We should do the same for our mind and physical bodies. Therapy should be considered our “tune ups”!

My reason for therapy goes beyond just needing someone to talk to. I’ve definitely internalized years of oppression, fear, and hurt that I’ve tried to release on my own, but to no avail. My initial decision to seek therapy actually came at a time in 2018 when I fell to my knees, sobbing after a tumultuous experience which resulted in me completely losing myself. I could no longer bear the trauma I suffered from an unhealthy relationship, financial distress, and simply not knowing who I was and what I really wanted in life. Yes, yoga and meditation saved me, but there are intricate areas of my well-being that was still affected and it was evident in how I related to others…particularly men. Fast forward to 2021, I’ve made the final decision to start therapy and I really feel like I’ve reached the “grand finale” of my healing journey.

My therapy sessions isn’t just for me. It’s for my children, my mother, my siblings, my lover, and any one I consider near and dear to my heart. They need to experience a better version of me who no longer wants to be socially isolated because of disappointment and mistrust of others. My sessions are for me, because I no longer want to suffer in silence. I realized that my emotional/mental issues were a lot deeper than I thought.  Looking for love in all the wrong places, financial constraints, lack of support, loss of friendships, and losing my power through all of it spiraled me into a deep depression and created anxiety to the point where I felt constricted. Thoughts of suicide even entered my mind at one point.

Therapy is the gateway to my freedom to just be and enjoy the pleasures of my blessings that’s been giving to me. As a matter of fact, therapy IS a gift. It’s my ultimate gift, because it’ll allow me to express what I’ve been holding in for quite some time. I also have the best support system in my tribe who celebrates with me while I’m on this healing journey.

My need for inner harmony and balance has intertwined with my courage and I’m ready to meet my higher self again. I want to live and not just exist. I want to live abundantly in health, wealth, gratitude, and solitude. Therapy will help me live in these places. In addition to my therapy sessions are the holistic/spiritual methods I implement so I can experience wellness and wholeness.

There’s power in healing. There’s strength in knowing your weaknesses. Self-love is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and accept the need to seek therapy. We all want to have clarity in some areas of our lives. We all want to work through complex emotions. We all want to grow personally. Therapy can help you in those areas.

Therapy is sexy.

Wellness is sexy.

Healing is sexy.

I want to be sexy.



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