Headaches are brutal and are the BANE OF OUR EXISTENCE! They happen as triggers to let us know something is wrong with our physical bodies. Brought on by low blood sugar to stress, they either gradually get worse by the hour or they feel like they’ve hit you like a ton of bricks without any warning!

Some of us choose to get relief by sleeping them off. Some of us get head/neck/temple massages to take away the pain, and the rest of us immediately go to the medicine cabinet for pain medication.

What if I told you there are more options to incorporate into your massage or even with your power nap?

What if I told you these options can replace pain meds altogether?


The last brutal headache I had almost KILLED me (exaggerated) but I managed to get rid of it without pain meds and guess what? I’m so proud of myself. As an “expert” in essential oils, I’ve come to learn that aromatherapy is one of the most effective, satisfying alternative methods for headache relief, particularly essential oils. Below is a list of essential oils that you can replace your headache medicine with.

Lavender:  Lavender essential oils is one of the most popular oils for natural healing. Not only for its refreshing and relaxing scent, but Lavender essential oil also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an essential addition to your First-Aid kit. Just inhaling the aroma while you relax easily provides sedative effects making for a great sleep and relieves stress in the process.

Eucalyptus– If your headaches are caused by sinus issues, Eucalyptus essential oil can become your new best friend. This oil will open up the nasal passages, clear the sinuses, and can help relieve sinus tension that causes the headaches. Not to mention, it smells heavenly!

Peppermint– The familiar scent of Peppermint essential oil is why it’s a fave for essential oil users.  the menthol ingredient in Peppermint essential oil can aid in headache relief, due to its cool sensation once applied topically.


There are two ways that you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of essential oils for headaches. First, apply the oils topically, wherever you might feel the pain, or maybe on your temple or forehead. Always dilute the essential oil with a drop or two of a carrier oil such as vitamin E, almond, olive, or Coconut. Apply the mixture on your skin and wait for the oil to work its magic. Another way to use your oils is with a diffuser to disperse the oil into the air.


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