I get it!


You’ll take one look at my crystal collection and immediately doubt its true potential to heal. To a skeptic, they’re just a bunch of “rocks”. It’s up to a believer who deeply resonates with the healing power of crystals to show you why and how crystals and their healing powers are indeed real.

I’ve compiled a list of common questions skeptics would ask regarding crystals and hopefully, you’ll not only become enlightened, you’ll develop more of an open mind.

Skeptic: Can crystals actually remove diseases and heal bones?

HB: Let’s be brutally clear. Crystals are not medicine and they will not actually improve a medical diagnosis or heal any broken bones.

Skeptic: What can a crystal do for you?

HB: A scientist by the name of Nikola Tesla studied the power of crystals and the special electric charge each crystal carries. The charge has the ability to activate what we call chakras. Today, many energy healers use crystals to balance those chakras and remove negative energy from the mind and body.

Skeptic: Do healing crystals really work? 

HB: They might not heal your ailments (no science supports this), but they will soothe the soul enough for you to be able to function in certain areas of your life.

Skeptic: Are people who are crystal healers just gullible?

HB: No. We aren’t gullible people. In this day in age, people are getting tired of institutionalized methods to healing the body and mind. We’re tired of medicines, doctor appointments, and experts that tell us what is best for our bodies, yet we still struggle with our mental and physical health. Believe it or not, our mental and physical health are interconnected. That’s why there are such things as eating disorders (i.e. emotional eating), depression, bi-polarism, fibroids, etc. What we eat affects us physically, as well as mentally. As a holistic community, we are seeking more natural ways to replenish our mind and body. Crystal healing, along with a healthier diet and some form of exercise, can support this mission.

Skeptic: What if I carry a crystal and it does nothing for me:

HB: Crystals will not work for you because, in your mind, you’re already in denial about what they can do for you. You have to have an open mind and believe that crystals will help you improve areas of your life that need healing. Deborah Hanekamp, the owner of Mama Medicine, tells ‘Huffington Post’ she believes crystals work with the core mental, emotional, or spiritual discord that is causing illness in the body and not the physical illness itself. Those are my beliefs exactly!