I believe starting your morning off right will set the tone for the rest of your day. Although, we may not always be in control of what happens or don’t happen throughout the day, we can AT LEAST manage how we start it. These suggestions can be added to your daily wake up regimen for that high-vibrational energy.

Open The blinds– Nothing lifts your mood early in the am like some natural light. After a good night’s sleep, your body’s internal clock needs assistance in helping you become alert, focused, and bringing momentum in creating yourself a great day. With that burst of sunshine beaming through your window or even just the natural light from a cloudy morning, the room absorbing the light can activate that “happy chemical” (serotonin).

Meditate and Set Your Intention– I am a fan of meditating for a few minutes in the morning and before bed. While meditating, setting your intentions can help you to cultivate alignment with your thoughts and actions throughout the day.

Drink Warm Water with Lemon– Sipping on lemon water first thing in the morning is like giving your insides a shower. It’s the perfect tonic to start your day with because of lemon’s detoxification benefits. Not only is it refreshing, it cleanses.

Eat a Nutritious Breakfast– Eating a light, hearty, and healthy breakfast is the nourishment you need to move with flow. You can’t eat too heavily (pancakes, sausage, steak, a plate full of cheesy eggs, etc.) and not expect to move a lil slow, leaving out the door. That heavy feeling can definitely affect your mood and may even cause stomach discomfort, depending on how much you eat.

Move your body– Get your heart and blood pumping first thing in the morning with some good exercise. A nice walk around your neighborhood, a living room/bed room workout, or even yoga will provide you the energy you need to conquer your day.