As an advocate for wellness and implementing methods that supports a healthier mind, body, and spirit, it’s always a pleasure to highlight black-owned entrepreneurs and business owners who are doing the damn thing in the holistic communities!

Without further ado…these entrepreneurs/business owners are blessing us with their products/services.

Do yourselves a favor and check them out!


Ebonee Purviance

Certified herbalist and meditation coach, Ebonee Purviance is the owner of Love Yourself Herbal. Ebonee specializes in the beauty of natural detoxing and creates products with ingredients made with love. Customer reviews has proven that Her products includes yoni washes, body scrubs apparel, and her famous “Pussy Fairy Tea” which is ALWAYS in demand! I know you want more info on THAT! Check out the website below.


Juan Nance

Juan Nance is an educator, youth mentor healthy living ambassador, and owner of Healthy People Juice. HPJ specializes in creating products that are designed to help renew your spirit and packed with much-needed nutrients that we may be missing in our daily eating routine. Check out the website below.

Healthy People Juice


Akeema Bichali

Akeema is a Holistic health practitioner, nutrition consultant, health educator, yoga teacher and owner of Princess Akeema Holistic Care. Through her services, Akeema educates her clients on disease prevention and reversal for diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension, eczema, psoriasis, and other ailments affecting the body. She offers Natural health exams, Zyto biofeed scans, reflexology, aqua chi foot Detoxes, aromatherapy education, and wholesale. When she is not working, she is connecting with her clients on Youtube, enjoying belly dancing, laughing, and educating people on holistic health and nutrition. Check out the website below.

Prince Akeema Holistic Care


Andrea Better Yoga

Andrea is an insured and 200hr registered yoga teacher who offers her services via Zoom or in person for private sessions. Check out the website below for more info.

Andrea Better Yoga


The Melanated Bar

The Melanated Bar Natural is a brand that designs small-batched skincare goodies that helps beautify the  skin while promoting the importance of self-care. Created in 2016, TMB encourages women to prioritize their wellness by creating self-care routines. TMB curates skincare and wellness products for the woman who wants to fit “self-care” into her day; by making it effortless and enjoyable. A woman spends on average 30 minutes per day in the bathroom on hygiene; with their products, they turn a drab skincare routine into a self-care routine. Check out the website below.

The Melanated Bar.