As I reflect on my life, I’ve come to discover that my most pivotal moments are times where I am at my most productive and creative. Being able to create and express myself through my work brings me a sense of fulfillment that not only strengthens my confidence but heals my soul after much turmoil. I struggled with connecting with others, as well as with myself. I’ve battled depression, low self-esteem, among other low-vibrational things. Becoming aware of my own strength didn’t happen until I utilized my creative juices and found something that aligns with who I am. Birthing my creativity is where my inner Goddess shines through. My creativity and doing what I love brings out the best in me.

Doing what YOU love can heal you and bring out the best in you, as well.

It starts with believing in yourself. Everything else that follows relies on your ability to stay out of your own way.

  1. Doing what you love helps you to face fears that may have consumed you.
  2. Being creative takes our focus away from worrying about the future or what’s to come. When we become creative, we stay in the present moment.
  3. Doing what we love will help us release emotional/mental blockages and feelings we’ve suppressed.
  4. When we carry stress physically, we suffer from body aches/pains. The fulfillment that brews from doing what we love provides pain relief.
  5. Our creativity brings us a sense of therapy, as it helps us to release what we’ve held onto for fear of criticism or obligation. It also helps us access our feelings and express them.
  6. Doing what we love helps us to accept what has happened in the past.
  7. Doing what we love is fueled by self-awareness, which indicates personal growth/healing.
  8. Doing what we love brings us inner peace.
  9.  Being creative boosts confidence.

The one thing to be mindful of is that there will be plot twists that the universe will throw in our path that will test us and distract us. However, just know that we’re allowed to shut down and reset as much as we need to until we no longer have to.

Opportunities for you will always be there for you to take.