Dating During COVID 19: How Creative Can You Get?

Let’s face it!

It’s hard being single in times of COVID! So, for those who are blessed to be with your significant other during a viral pandemic, I salute you!

As challenging as it is surviving a viral pandemic as a single person, I’m sure it’s JUST as challenging maintaining a connection with someone during a viral pandemic. Granted, you’re not married or have a “live-in bae”. (Although, that can be challenging too, if you crave “space”.)

Typical dates involve some activities that has crowds, such as concerts, movies, dinner at a nice restaurant, etc.

With COVID lingering, it’s forced a stop to public gatherings, but it doesn’t negate the fact that you can still practice social distancing and still have a good gotdamn time with someone new you’re getting to know or someone you’ve invested some months with. It’s all about being creative but safe.

HB has compiled a small list of ideas to help you become creative with dating during a viral pandemic.

  1. Walking trails
  2. Picnic (Warm weather, of course)
  3. Cook a meal at home for your date or simply bring it to him/her.
  4. Outdoor dining
  5. Play board games
  6. Road trip
  7. Vacation to a secluded place
  8. Take a walk in a park
  9. Hang at the beach
  10. Go old school with hand-written love letters, if you really want to empress and hold on to them. 🙂
  11. Set up a virtual date (video messaging)

What would you add to the list?

As always, wear a mask for your own safety, as well as the safety and consideration for others. Read here for Corona Virus safety tips.

Be well!

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