As a crystal lover, have you ever wondered which crystals resonate with your zodiac sign? Well, look no further! Here are all the zodiac signs and the crystals that are perfect for each one AND WHY!


Malachite: Fights emotional blockage by bringing the heart and mind at ease 

Red Tiger’s Eye: Fights Pessimism by Stimulating drive

Onyx: Encourages Capricorns to reach their highest potential



Ruby: Fights aloofness with promoting attractive energy that ppl can be drawn to

Dumortierite: Fights against stubbornness

Chrysoprase: Allows you to move past disappointment 



Blue Goldstone: Protects against negative energy

Green Adventurine: Fights pessimism with allowing you to envision your dreams become realities.

Carnelian: Raises self-esteem



Unakite: Fights disorganization by balancing the body/mind/soul and aids in repetitive/addictive behavior.

Howlite: Fights hot-headedness with giving a calming effect. 

Bloodstone: Increases drive



Dumortierite: Fights against stubbornness

Peridot: Eliminates laziness

Rose Quartz fights posessiveness with promoting emotional balance



Amethyst: Fights against lack of direction with promoting discernment, insight, and good decision-making.

Moonstone: Promotes emotional balance

Dalmation Jasper: Increases focus



Lepidolite: Fights being over-emotional by promoting a calmer mind.

Golen Tiger’s Eye: Increases optimism with promoting joyful thoughts.

Aquamarine: Protects the Cancer from energy-sucking people. 



Carnelian: Eliminates egoism

Howlite: Promotes calming conversations with patience and observation.

Pink Spinel: Heps the Leo find comfort in giving up control when need be.



Aquamarine: Fights against judgment & criticism

Pink Calcite: Supplies the Virgo with energy that fights against emotional repression.

Amazonite: Eliminates the need for perfection.



Clear Quartz: Fights against indecisiveness with promoting focusing on what matters in the present moment.

Labradorite: Strengthens personal energy

Lapis Lazuli: Helps the Libra express opinions in a diplomatic fashion.



Pyrolusite: Fights against manipulation

Jade: Eliminates feelings of jealousy by increasing love for self

Amazonite: Removes distrust by eliminating feelings of apprehension



Watermelon Tourmaline: Helps increases patience

Hemimorphite: Fights against self-centeredness

Blue Lace Agate: Promotes proper communication for tactfulness