“Crooklyn” Star Shares Her Battle AND HER HEALING From Fibroids

We fell in love with her character “Troy” when she was just 10-years-old in one of our favorite Spike Lee classics, ‘Crooklyn‘. Now 36, Zelda Harris is a beautiful woman doing her thing away from the movie biz, as a musician. Her latest music project, Violet Eyes by Zelda and the Lolos, is available on all streaming platforms. We are not only celebrating Zelda’s music, we also want to celebrate her personal triumph. The actress turned musician initially shared her struggle with fibroids in late 2019 on Instagram, where she received tons of support from her fans.



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“This year has been incredible. But through it all, I was fighting pain and discomfort within my own body. After months of trying to use alternative medicine practices to heal, I made the decision to turn to traditional western medicine to get help with my fibroids. That was a HARD decision – and it left me feeling like less of a woman. I had to go through a lot of pain at that stage. And then there was the impact it had on my artistic expression. As I was writing lyrics and arrangements of new songs, as my band was working on getting singles out, I had to go back into the studio multiple times because my pitch and breath and support were suffering tremendously as the fibroids grew. I felt like I was letting my band down. And because of the constant pain and fatigue, I felt like I was letting my job down. I felt like I was letting the people I love down. I struggled so much with that.

I learned some things this year. Believe your body when she tells you something’s off. Believe others when they mention they feel off. Seek guidance and information from all helpful realms. Try not to carry shame about your body’s ailments. Work not to carry shame for your body’s ailments. And breathe. Breathe through the pain. Breathe through the fear.

I want to thank all the female warriors who took the time to discuss their procedures with me beforehand. I want to thank the brave, informed women who taught me how to advocate for myself with doctors. I want to thank all the survivors. I want to thank all the men in my life who listened intently and asked questions and asked how I wanted to be supported and believed my pain was real. I want to thank all my friends for supporting me and sending me positivity as I prepared for surgery. And I want to thank @courtney.kakebeats for coming with me all the way to the OR and singing to me when I was afraid and staying tethered to the hospital so he would be there when I woke up from anesthesia and for sleeping on a much too tiny chair in the hospital room so I wouldn’t be alone the first night.

The next chapter is all about healing. I’m gonna be good to myself and take it one step at a time.”


What are Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids, also called leiomyomas, are growths found in the uterus. They can cause symptoms that pose significant challenges for some women, while for other women, they may cause no symptoms at all. There are various types of uterine fibroids, named according to where they grow.

Women can have 1 or more of these types of fibroids, which may cause heavy menstrual bleeding.

There are also other causes of heavy menstrual bleeding. Talk to your gynecologist about all your symptoms to help determine the cause of your heavy periods.

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